#TIMYStruggleIsReal: Issues with the in-laws; Parenting 101, Mang Lando says

So, the cat is finally out of the bag. After a series of mishaps threatens the peace at Casa Cassandra, Basti finally discusses the issue with Iris and both agree that its best that they move out. But the problem is how to break the news to Mama.

manglandoftwThe LOWDOWN: After the episode with Basti’s camera, Basti has another encounter with the in law that makes him realize just how difficult it is to start a new life with his wife with so many people in the house, and of course, under his mother in law’s thumb. While he has nothing bad to say about Mama Cass, he doesn’t want to cause any conflict within the family so he decides to tell Iris about it. Iris understands but she doesn’t want to hurt her mother’s feelings so she needs to find the proper time to tell her mom about their decision to move out. Meanwhile, Agnes makes a career out of “helping” Ali find his way into the life of a happy gay man, despite the objections of her son.

First of all, let me just heave a sigh of relief that Basti finally spoke up about his difficulties under the in-laws’ roof. I was thinking he was being too nice and that he was making too much of a sacrifice by simply agreeing to the arrangement in the first place despite the impracticality of the move, but it was very laudable for him to state his case in a very diplomatic and mature fashion that did not offend Iris. Because of his approach, Iris was open to listening to his side and was more understanding of his plight. I liked that she understood her husband’s position and supported him. The fact that they discussed the problem and made a decision as a unit was a huge plus for a young couple finding their footing in married life — which leads me to want to give Cass and Nestor a fair shaking.

Their kids are being loads more mature than these two who have clouded their actions with events of the past, have continued to bait each other and make peace even more difficult to achieve within the family. I was thinking that if it was left to Iris and Basti, it wouldn’t be as difficult but because Nestor and Cass were in competition about who was being the better parent, it felt like IsTi was walking on eggshells all the time.

Speaking of parenting, I loved that Sir Dad was tough as nails about any other issue but when it came to Agnes, he was always the first to acknowledge his faults. It was really sweet of Sir Dad to own up to going to beer gardens but his profession of love and loyalty to Mama Agnes was definitely kilig worthy.

I also liked how Agnes is really going the extra mile to support her child, especially now that Basti and Iris are also dealing with their own problems. It was touching how she stated simply and plainly that she had Ali’s back no matter what road he may take in his new life.

The girl talk between Ali, Kelly and Iris was as confusing as it was funny and real, while Mang Lando really owned the guy talk scene with Basti and Jomar, with him dishing out advice like there was no tomorrow with matching hand gestures and colorful descriptions to boot. James was trying to keep a straight face the whole time.

I have a bad feeling about Val overhearing the conversation between Basti and Nestor and how she will use the information she learned about Basti’s troubles. I fear that she will use it to stir the pot which would affect the relationship of Basti with his in laws and worse, with Iris. While I know that Val is basically a good person, I don’t feel comfortable about how she is trying to subtly brainwash Iris about being the “boss” and the possibility of pitting her ego against that of her husband’s male pride. I think she still wants them all to go back to Greece and the only way for her to keep her “family” together is if Basti goes back without Iris. Nestor won’t leave Manila without Basti for sure, because of their improving relationship, one he has long hoped to achieve.

But I’m jumping the gun here. Tomorrow may be a special day for Ali because Sir Dad wants him to come for dinner but who could the new character be? And will Sir Dad really accept Ali? If so, that would be cool so Basti and Iris could move into the Love Nest. Fingers crossed.



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