#TIMYKapitLangLove: Mother and son bonding; RIP Basti’s camera

What a way to start the week! This episode was full of the funnies but spoke a lot about the struggles of Ali, Basti and Iris in their respective journeys. Thumbs up, Team TIMY!

eventThe LOWDOWN: As Iris and Basti try to adjust to their new living arrangements, they are faced with a major business opportunity presented by Nestor and Val to handle all of their corporate events. Things seem to be looking up but mishaps can’t be avoided and this is where the problems come in. Ali, on the other hand, goes to a gay bar with his mom and what ensues after is nothing short of hilarious.

I liked that this episode gave equal importance to the adjustment of Ali, Basti and Iris and not just IsTi in their married life. As the supposed third wheel in the friendship, Ali would naturally feel a bit left out seeing as his two best friends are already building a life together. I liked that TIMY addressed this issue by showing that even though they’re going on their separate journeys, they’re still there for each other, ready  to listen, always on call and their  dynamics (we notice the lovebirds are super clingy  — no acting required on that part) is still the same as always.

Hugs everywhere. These two are getting their koala on, being all clingy and stuff . We’re not complaining though. (photo: teambonfayah)

As for the adventures inside Casa Cassandra, I loved how Basti handled the situation with Zoe although his face while his camera was slowly but surely falls apart — was priceless. After the initial shock though, kudos to Basti for being mature and for talking to Zoe to give her reassurance rather than keep quiet and sulk. Iris didn’t even need to ask him to do it. He just did. I also loved the fact that despite Basti feeling like an interloper at times, Iris is always there to assure him that he has every right to every space in the house because he’s part of their family. Same thing when Basti corrected Iris when she slipped and called Nestor Tito. Of course, he should be dad (not daddy o, though). My favorite scenes however where the unguarded moments where they were just freely so sweet to each other — hugging on the couch, hugging as they slept, having their arms around each other as they talked to Ali. *sigh*

It would have been a clean break  too, if it wasn’t for Sir Dad. A for effort for these two. 

I was laughing so hard at Agnes being the supportive mom, supportive enough to encourage her son to explore his identity as a gay man by going to a gay bar. The way she tipped the macho dancer to dance in front of Ali, and the way both mother and son drawled out and hid inside the restroom was classic. Kudos to JC Santos, in these scenes. He portrayed Ali with an equal amount of innocence and curiosity that is just so endearing.

On the flipside, I loved how once again, Team TIMY managed to bring up double standards in society as Agnes called out Sir Dad for being mad that she brought their son to a gay bar when in fact, he too, took Ali to a beer garden before with his friends. That comeback was brilliant, and a fact in real life. The mother of the year award should most definitely be given to Mama Agnes.

While World War 3 threatens to commence when Nestor and Cass get involved in their children’s affairs tomorrow, I’m hoping that Iris and Basti will not get caught up in the conflict and make a decision based on open communication. Fingers crossed about moving out because I think its their best bet of surviving too. Now, back to stalking the squad’s IG for events in Naddie’s 23rd birthday!


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