#TIMYHouseRules: Honeymoon’s over kids

After the whirlwind of events that took place in the space of this one week, tonight’s episode was a relatively relaxing installment, which was a relief — but only a temporary one — as challenges loom at every corner for our newlyweds.


Good morning! Bad breath be damned, Basti will claim that kiss, morning breath or no.

The LOWDOWN: With Iris and Basti safely and legally married, Cass asks Iris and Basti to move in, perhaps because she doesn’t want to part with her eldest, and perhaps because she wanted to test what type of person her new son in law is. Basti wants Iris to be happy so he concedes and makes adjustments as he learns to live with Iris’ family. The problem is Cas still hasn’t gotten over her bitterness against Nestor and the newlyweds are placed in an awkward situation in between their warring parents.

I’m sure a ton of viewers related to tonight’s episode, especially those who had to live with in-laws or other relatives at the start of their marriage. I’m quite unsure about Cassandra’s motives because she obviously is reluctant to have Basti as part of the family (I don’t blame her because she was trying to accept Basti as her daughter’s boyfriend at the time before the couple decided that Basti was going to be her son in law) but I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt because she clearly told Agnes that she didn’t have a problem with Basti – only with Nestor.

While I appreciated Iris asking Basti if he was adjusting okay in her house, I wish she could have read between the lines and been more sensitive about his discomfort. Rather than tease him or criticize him about not adjusting enough, she should have been the first person to put him at ease because technically, he’s a stranger to everyone in the house except for her, his wife.


Sorry Basti. But sexy time would have to wait until you get your own place. The word knock is a foreign word to your mom in law. Konting tiis muna. 

Kudos to Basti for being patient. It was a good thing that he learned about the value of family and adjusting with Tito Pilo and his family so that his transition to Iris’ house wasn’t that big of a shock. My heart really went out to him every time he felt out of place or felt the need to give way because he wasn’t living in his own house. That is a blow for someone who is as free spirited and independent as Basti, as Ali pointed out countless times in this episode.

I loved that today marked the beginning of the conversation about married couples living independently, which will be further explored next week. While family support is great and much appreciated, its important for a couple to test their wings and stand on their own (kudos to Basti for turning down his dad’s financial support and wanting to earn and provide for his family). I hope next week, when Basti brings up the topic, Iris will be open minded and accepting  about moving out and not take it as an affront on her family.

On the flipside, lets talk about that chemistry between Cass and Nestor. Admittedly, while Cass hated his guts, Nestor really remembered her fondly and it showed when he spoke about her and when he spoke to her. I love the dog and cat banter between these two, especially when Nestor deliberately provoked Cass. There’s chemistry there and Val may be on to something. I am afraid of what she has up her sleeve in case it happens.

Kudos to Nestor for trying to help Basti by giving him work to earn his income rather than give him a handout. In so doing, he is proving his confidence in his son to handle a big day in his life and at the same time, he is saving Basti’s pride as the head of the household by empowering him to provide for his family without taking money he hasn’t earned.  That’s smart parenting right there. You’re getting the hang of it Nestor.

All in all, it was a pretty strong week, full of emotional ups and downs, shock and suspense, passion and fun and just basically everything you could ever ask for in an unconventional teleserye. I’m excited about what other issues that TIMY will conquer in the following months, especially now that OTWOL Head Writer Benedict Mique, who is an expert on writing about realistic relationship problems is back on the team. I loved Shugo Praico as head writer too, and felt that he handled the LGBT arc as well. I hope he stays around in some capacity to sustain the momentum of that angle because he is awesome.

PS. Iris looks gorgeous without her glasses. Just GORGEOUS.


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