#TIMYMrAndMrsValderama: Mishaps, messages and honeymoons

Talk about a fun episode! While IsTi’s road to happily ever after was fraught with challenges, the big day itself proved to be quite a success, thanks to their loved ones who turned up and their friends who pitched in so that love wins.

Mabuhay ang Bagong Kasal! 

The LOWDOWN: Cass arrived just in time for Basti and Iris’ wedding to give her blessing and consent for the ceremony to push through. At the reception, one mishap after another threatened to mar Basti and Iris’ perfect wedding day but with the heartfelt messages of their family members and friends (especially Ali), the day was saved and good vibes were restored across the board.

Perfect setting. Good job Team TIMY!

First off, the rustic baroque setting for the reception deserved five stars. It managed to incorporate the feel of a patchwork operation with the mismatched tablecloths and flower arrangements to give off a feel that everything on hand was part of an ex deal with their suppliers. Yet the combinations and the arrangement leveled up the design to make it sophisticated and classy.

While Basti and Iris’ happiness was infectious (most especially Basti’s permanent grin which was 99 percent James Reid, I’m sure of it) I was touched by yet another mother-daughter moment between Iris and Cass  when Mama Cass stepped in to dance with her daughter for what was traditionally the father-daughter dance. When they hugged , it clearly communicated the deep bond that existed between them and Iris’ happiness at her mom’s acceptance of her decision to marry was obvious. While Nestor’s message was also heartfelt, I was distracted by the chemistry between Cass and Nestor as well as Val’s razor sharp looks. I have a feeling that this will blow up to be a major problem in the future because Val’s insecurity is bound to erode her relationship with Nestor. I got a kick out Nestor calling Cass Balae. Way to rub in that they’re now family.

I appreciated the underlying message in Ali’s words when he addressed the happy couple. When he said, hindi porket si Basti at Iris na, tapon na ako, it hurt because it was a reflection of what many viewers who were growing impatient over Ali’s arc were saying —  that Iris and Basti should be the main focus of the story and not Ali.

But the thing is, TIMY is not the typical series that simply coasts on the strength of the main love team to get by. It is a series built and made stronger by separate yet intertwined arcs that showcase the journeys of the different characters in the series. Ali’s arc is obviously in dealing with coming out as well as his journey to becoming an empowered gay man. Iris and Basti’s journey will be that of young lovers and their married life. Cass, Nestor and Val have their own issues to deal with as well. And each arc challenges ALL the actors to step up their game and give their best performances fit for the best material.

TIMY is not a single faceted show and Ali’s words seemed like a promise that the series will stick true to its roots of telling the stories of all the characters. He was saying all of the arcs will be explored in time and that everyone will get their moment in the sun, and for a series whose slogan is “Love Wins,” that is a win in itself.

I loved how the Love Team made do with what they had. Ali, aside from being the chef, also pulled out a song number with Kelly as she hosted the event. Love Team, kayo na!


Spell harot. Basti tries to seduce his wife. We root for her to give in. 

I was also a fan of the playful approach to IsTi’s honeymoon scene. Basti being a young hot blooded guy was obviously the more harot of the two, and while the love scene last Tuesday was hot and passionate, this time around, there was a lightness because they were in a different situation. I was laughing so hard at Basti’s antics to seduce his wife and I loved that Iris was playing coy but enjoying every single moment of their honeymoon. That bathtub scene though, and Basti’s grin. He’s definitely having too much fun in these scenes but we’re not complaining. At this rate, I won’t be surprised if there’s a little Basti or little Iris running around by the following month.


Its final. James (not Basti) is definitely having too much fun with these scenes. 

As the two embark on their new journey as husband and wife, many complications are bound to happen, especially with well meaning interventions of their family members, but such is part of the challenges of newlyweds and it will be up to them to balance the situation and figure out for themselves what will and will not work for them in the long run. Its bound to be an adventure for sure and I’m rooting for them to succeed.



2 thoughts on “#TIMYMrAndMrsValderama: Mishaps, messages and honeymoons

  1. I’m so kilig reading this esp with basti’s kaharutan s honeymoon GRABE!!! But i noticed too iris was so kilig too…with cas and nestor…i think another mr and mrs valderama to come in the story…kasi with insecure na si val the relationship will fall out..selos to the max and argue and so on..


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