#TIMYTheExpressWedding: Surrounded with so much love, how can IsTi not win?

If there’s one thing that viewers can be sure about with TIMY, its that it will never back down from any opportunity to spark a conversation. Tonight’s episode was proof that this show has a message to spread and is not afraid to deliver it , even in the face of criticism and bashing.



The way they look at each other. Nuff said.

The LOWDOWN: Basti and Iris decide to push through with the wedding in a week’s time and proceed to put The Love Team’s skills to good use. While not everybody (Ali, Cass) agrees that getting married is the right course of action at this time, the lovebirds are determined to make a lifelong commitment to each other. The day of the wedding arrives but still not a word from Cass, and her absence threatens to ruin Iris’ happiness on her most special day.

Let me just say that I am completely blown away by the manner in which this show is tackling the issue of premarital sex and marrying young. The debate between Ali and Kelly about the weight of sex in the decision of Iris and Basti to get married, for sure, has crossed the minds of the viewers. In openly discussing what it meant for couples to engage in PMS or to decide to get married, the show once again represented the debates being had by most millenials and non millenials on the issue as varying perspectives were presented by the conversation. Even Mang Lando weighed in on the issue and provided unlikely insight.

It was good that talking things out clarified that Basti and Iris are getting married for the right reasons — because they love each other and not because of anything else.

Ali has his reservations about his friends’ decision but he will not withhold his support because he wants to see them happy. 

I salute Ali for being the type of friend who will express his opinion and position on the matter, even though its not one that his friends would want to hear. His honesty in saying that he believed that they were being too hasty in wanting to get married was admirable, more so in giving his unconditional support for his friends despite his apprehensions. Kelly on the other hand is a different type of friend, one who openly understands her friends and supports whatever it is that would make them happy. Two types of friends but true ones nonetheless — Basti and Iris are lucky to have them. At the end of the day, I guess that’s what friendship is really about, you call your pals on their bullshit but at the end of the day, you still got their back.

Iris’ take charge attitude makes me excited to see her rule the home. I’m sure Basti will have no complaints. 

Back to the wedding, I loved how Iris took command of the situation and mobilized her team into making her short notice wedding a great event. I especially loved seeing Basti just let her have her way as most grooms do with their brides. The wide grin on his face was basically him saying, he’s okay with everything as long as he has her for his bride. He was just so happy he couldn’t contain it. I had fun watching him enjoy the moment.

Despite his determination to get married however, Basti deserved a big thumbs up for being super supportive of an emotional Iris even when she was planning to cancel the whole thing because her mom didn’t support her choice. The way he reassured her that he will stick around whether or not they get married was really a testament to what type of person Basti has become. Impulsive, true. But mature enough to not throw a fit if he doesn’t get his way.

I also loved how Basti’s family accepted Iris into their fold, no questions asked. After Iris left her home, not in good terms with her mother, I know it was major for Basti’s family to welcome her with warmth and unconditional love. The way they supported the wedding preparations and the wedding arrangements was pure bayanihan at work.


Overheated ride? No problem, this cowboy couple will take a jeep to get their wedding in time. 

The road to the wedding was hilarious, as mishap after mishap happened. Yet, Iris and Basti still saw the humor in the situation and was basically in good spirits as they arrived late to their own wedding.

But the saying “save the best for last” rang true for the last gap of tonight’s episode as Cass arrived just in the nick of time to give her blessing to Iris and Basti. While it was difficult for her to accept their decision to get married so soon, I felt the sincerity in her words when she said that she will give her support and consent to their marriage, and that she will help them through their journey. When Iris and Cass hugged, it seemed like a giant weight was lifted and it seemed that IsTi really now stands a chance to begin a happily ever after. The mother and daughter moment was indeed poignant and touching, I was crying the entire time.

With Cass’ support and the love of their friends and family, I feel much more optimistic that Iris and Basti will make it through even the most difficult challenges because they are surrounded by people who genuinely care for them and love them. Surrounded with this much love, how can they not win? Of course, the road won’t be lined with petals and rainbows but I have high hopes that it will only make the couple stronger.

Best wishes Iris and Basti! Mabuhay ang Bagong Kasal!



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