#TIMYRunAway: The deed is done. What next?

Patience is a virtue and after two months of waiting, the IsTi arc is finally coming to fruition. And while like the rest of JadineLand, I celebrated the first time Iris and Basti made love, I am more afraid of what the future holds for the young lovers to relish the moment for long.

direkThe LOWDOWN: After all hell breaks loose at the supposed family dinner to discuss the marriage or Iris and Basti, the pair escape to cool off from the frustration of having parents who can’t stand each other. As they profess their love for each other, the impulsiveness of youth catches up with them resulting in a night of passion. But of course, there’s always the morning after to deal with. And this is where the dilemma begins.

I have been shipping IsTi from the beginning. Even when things seemed to get rough for them in Greece and in the Philippines, I was always sure of one thing — they would end up together because they were genuinely in love with each other. More so when their relationship was further tested and strengthened by the challenges they went through as friends. Yesterday’s episode, while it was romantic, made me afraid that they were being too impulsive, wanting to get married for the wrong reasons. After tonight’s episode, I am even more afraid of what the future holds for this pair.

Before I delve into that, let me just expend all this kilig from that love scene. OTWOL delivered one of the most passionate scenes between James and Nadine in Lake Tahoe but this time around, the team upped the ante and made sure that there were no doorbells or Simons around to ruin the moment. IsTi’s moment was a beautiful scene that was reminiscent of Titanic, and for the most part, I’m sure that viewers were wondering how much of the scene was Iris and Basti and which percentage was James and Nadine. Congrats Direk Tonette for pulling off that scene with class even though it happened in the back of Ali’s car. It wasn’t just a sex scene, it was a love scene and I’m sure that the entire JadineLand felt the love all across their TV screens. I figure they’re all thinking up names for IsTI’s baby as early as now. So Direk, thank you.

But then again, Basti and Iris have to deal with the consequences of their actions. Basti wants to prove to Iris that he loves her and faces the wrath of Tita Cass, who upon learning what happened, almost broke down in frustration and anger. I get where she is coming from — her worry that her daughter would get hurt, her fear that Iris and Basti are not ready. Brilliant piece of acting from Carmina in this scene.

pingotAs for Basti, having no mother to guide him properly on making the right decision, it was Agnes who stepped in for the role and advised him to think about what’s best for himself, which is a good piece of advice, come to think of it because there really should be no rush in making lifelong commitments such as marriage. In the end, Basti is firm in wanting to be together with Iris because he really loves her and vice versa. Their repeated professions of love, especially for Basti’s part, was a clear indication that they were being overwhelmed by their feelings and their decisions were all fueled by emotion, which is not a good thing, no matter how kilig it makes us.

Now the real conflict of the IsTi arc begins  — for the past two months, people were complaining that there’s not enough of IsTi in TIMY prompting many fans to abandon the show altogether. Now it is clearer that it was really Ali’s arc that was front and center at the beginning and IsTi will have their own journey to explore. While the theme before was LGBT (OTWOL’s was OFWs) this time around, IsTi will deal with issues such as the consequences of premarital sex, young love, getting married, emotional, financial, and psychological preparedness before getting married and maybe just maybe, raising a kid. And because both jumped into the union without exploring themselves as individuals first, this may pose a problem for the future as resentment may brew over what type of people they could have been without the ties of marriage to weigh them down.

I suppose this is also where the guest arcs will come in. With each client, perhaps, Iris and Basti will learn something new from their clients that they can apply to their own relationship. But I’m just guessing at this point.

I think that TIMY is playing it really smart by sticking to its game plan and not being pressured by some untoward feedback. Now that the stories are unfolding, audiences find a better appreciation for the issues and the conversations its presents.  TIMY once again proved that the show is not just a kilig serye — it is a complete package — great story, excellent cast, a serious message and the support of a loyal fanbase. While many detractors will say that Jadine is only about kissing, I would beg to disagree because after that hot love scene, audiences are genuinely invested in what happens next to Iris and Basti, and that speaks of an effective character establishment on the part of Team TIMY. And even though IsTi is off to a rocky start, I am rooting for them all the way and hoping that their love and their friendship will be strong enough to withstand the worst of storms that married couples have to endure and conquer.



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