#TIMYTheProposal: Spell AWKWARD

It was not too long ago that JaDines were celebrating IsTi’s first date, and now here we are, marking the start of the week with a proposal and a face to face between Iris and Basti’s family. Did that smell like a disaster? It was.


THAT WAS QUICK. One moment, they were happily preparing for the family dinner, the next, chaos. 

The LOWDOWN: After Tita V makes a wrong move by dismissing Basti’s love for Iris as a fleeting fancy, it makes Basti want to prove her wrong. After some consideration, he suddenly pops the question to Iris and convinces her to accept his proposal to tie the knot. But even though they are sure of their love, they are unsure of their parents’ reaction, given their history, and true enough, all hell breaks loose at the “family dinner” to discuss wedding plans.

Even while Team TIMY has warned viewers to save the date for October 25th, I was on the fence about how quickly things would have to move for Iris and Basti for their relationship to move to wedded bliss level. I for one, was enjoying the time the series was taking to develop their relationship, to correct the haste and impulsiveness that made up the disastrous first time they delved into a romantic relationship and now, here we are again in familiar territory — with Basti and Iris rushing into another decision that could test their young relationship even more. These past few weeks as the series focused on Ali’s issues, I appreciated the fact that the showrunners were also subtly but effectively laying out the IsTi friendship and romantic arc and I felt they were succeeding.

When the week opened with abrupt albeit heartfelt proposal, my brain and my heart was warring  about how I was supposed to feel about the upcoming nuptials. My heart wanted IsTi to follow their own hearts and be happy because it was never a question of whether they truly loved each other. On the other hand, I was afraid about why Basti suddenly popped the question. Was it to prove that he was different from his father? Was it because he was afraid of losing Iris again? Did Iris agree because Basti laid out his argument so effectively? Because the reason for the proposal is just as important as how it was executed. And the reason they both want to get married is just as important as to how their parents would react.

While both parties initially agreed to the nuptials, it also did not bode well for the happy couple that their parents were also agreeing for the wrong reasons. Cass and Nestor both didn’t want to be the bad guy by posing their objections to the wedding, no matter how valid their concerns may be. Nestor agreed to push back his wedding to Val because he wanted to earn brownie points with his son and wanted to repair his relationship with him. In doing so, he unwittingly created a new problem as Val silently became more resentful of Cass and Iris. Cass on the other hand, who was only slowly trying to come to terms with Basti being Nestor’s son, actually had a valid point in wanting the kids to wait until they were more mature before they got married, but this argument got buried by the fact that her initial concern involved her personal distrust and dislike of Nestor, which was again, the wrong reason.

After this episode, I could not help but feel afraid about what would happen to Iris and Basti. I feel bad because for the second time, their parents’ issues threaten to tear them apart. This episode was a recipe for disaster from the beginning and I only pray that our OTP’s relationship is strong enough to withstand the looming storm because there will definitely be one. Its a given. I’m actually not afraid about whether or not the wedding will take place because the wedding is only the beginning. I am much more afraid of what comes after, and if they’re ready to make that lifelong commitment to each other as things stand now.


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