#TIMYFreshStart: First dates, surprise arrivals, and daddy dearest

After the wonderful episode that was #TIMYOfficiallyYours when Iris and Basti got back together, comes the first date. Yes, first date. The ones in Greece didn’t count. But this?  This is the real deal.  We are not kidding around.

The LOWDOWN: Iris and Basti are together again and with Cass’s reluctant blessing, the pair enjoy some legitimate time together by going on their first official movie date. Meanwhile, Ali figures out what has Basti so distrustful of Romeo and the next one’s a doozy — Nestor and Val arrive in Manila to start their local business venture.

Hokage na Pabebe pa. James making a cameo as Basti, seen here angling for a kiss from his lady love. No acting required. Baby Girl’s collarbones are on point. 

As Basti and Iris explore their newly rekindled relationship, Basti has the right idea and takes her on a chick flick movie date. I got a kick out of seeing Direk Dan Villegas’ cameo (he was the dude behind IsTi as they were walking inside the cinema) and even more so when I found out that they were watching his movie, How to be Yours starring Gerald and Bea. Watching IsTi on a date made my imagination go wild thinking what an OJD filled time a date night with James and Nadine would be in real life.

Talk about Basti making most of the date. Ninja moves to the extreme. He got in a lot of kisses in between the scenes of the movie and even after. But the best kiss was at Iris’ house before they started their date. It was light. It was fleeting but it was super sweet and became a good omen for the night. I can’t believe I’m spending the better part of this review on kisses. Sue me, I’m addicted to OJD.

As such, Ali couldn’t have picked a worse time to catch Romeo two timing him with a girl. Although I really appreciated how he handled the situation with composure and courage. It just goes to show that gay men should not be pigeonholed as sissies because they are effeminate, because they can stand up for themselves just as well as any straight guy, even more so. But like I said, this latest incident again cut IsTi’s date short. It was a good thing that Basti was already able sneak in a ton of kisses before they had to rush back to Iris’ place to comfort Ali. Good work Basti.

I also got a kick out of the Tayumenters’ welcome for Iris and Basti. When two of the tambays met them with umbrellas and beh walked out wearing a sparkly bodysuit and the entire barangay converged on them, it felt like a scene from flores de mayo. Their warm welcome was not lost on Iris, and of course, this earned Basti major pogi points.

However, the surprise arrival of Val and Nestor may prove to be a problem like it was in Greece. While Cass has already shown some progress in the acceptance department, it may be Val who becomes her replacement as the major barrier in IsTi’s love story. Nestor’s women really need to attend a seminar on women empowerment so they would find the confidence to trust and understand. I didn’t like it when Val dismissed IsTi’s relationship as doomed from the start just because Basti and Iris are young because in fact, these two have shown way more maturity in dealing with their new relationship than Cass and Val combined.

Another thing that I loved about the episode was the exploration of the bond between fathers and their sons. Nestor was making some headway into his relationship with his son and Basti, because of Iris, has become more open and accepting of his father’s efforts. On the other hand, Sir Dad, while he appears tough on the exterior, is in truth worried sick about his only son Ali. It was so touching to see him observe Ali from afar and in secret and pretend that he doesn’t care about what happens to him until he turns straight. Two fathers dealing with different issues with their sons, but at the end of the day, it all boils down to love.

As for next week, Kuya Kim may predict some storms ahead and maybe even a typhoon for good measure, but even despite the issues brought on by Nestor-Val-Cass, I believe that IsTi has learned their lesson from the first time around. I don’t want them to get married yet on the 25th because I’m enjoying the cutesy phase of their relationship but if they do get married, I would be the first one to cheer for their journey. Next week promises to be a bumpy ride, in any case. I’d best rewatch this week’s episodes to bank on the good vibes first.


One thought on “#TIMYFreshStart: First dates, surprise arrivals, and daddy dearest

  1. Super Husay Ng Jadine! Love so much this reel and real love team they’re so amazing and most of all talented. The only love team ever love so much..


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