#TIMYOfficiallyYours: Euphoria and OJD, OJD and even more OJD. I died.

You know the feeling of a Ginebra fan after last night’s championship win? That’s the type of euphoria I am on after this episode. At last, at long long last, IsTi is official AGAIN. And even better than before because they have a stronger foundation and their love has been tried and tested by challenges.


THE EYES DONT LIE. Basti gets the answer he wants when he musters up enough courage to ask Iris to be his girl again.

The LOWDOWN: Ali tries to adjust to life outside the family home but that doesn’t mean he will simply sit in his room at the Love Nest and sulk. He calls up Romeo and decides its high time to introduce him to his friends. While Iris seems okay with the guy, Basti feels something is off about him and warns Ali to be careful. Meanwhile, after Ali, Romeo and Kelly leave the nest, Basti and Iris get some alone time where Basti finally gets the courage to ask Iris straight out if she wants to be his girlfriend, again. To which she answered to the affirmative. But the best news — Mama Cass is no longer actively working to break them up, and instead has given the lovebirds her reluctant blessing.


There were plenty of reasons to smile in tonight’s episode. While yesterday was rife with a heavy family issue on the part of Ali, this time, he is much better, especially since he is now freer to explore himself as a person. I love how protective Ali and Iris were towards Ali — the interrogation seemed like that of parents who were interviewing their daughter’s potential suitor. It was hilarious and at the same time endearing.

But the best part of evening was that there was so much IsTi. I loved the transition from the coffee scene to the hide and seek scene where a wall divided Iris and Basti as they talked about Iris’ family. I loved the sincerity in Basti’s words while Iris’ reaction was so relatable. It was as if she finally realized how much Basti has grown since the time in Greece and that he truly understood her now, especially when he acknowledged that she made the right decision t break up with him the first time. When he asked her to be his girlfriend through a wall, my heart was fit to burst because even through a wooden partition,  the feelings were so clear, so much so that Iris had to step away from hiding to face him.

And who was she kidding, anyway? She never stopped loving Basti, not even once or else she wouldn’t have had a tough time trying to suppress her feelings for him.

I loved it when Leah and Clark kissed but its also different when Basti and Iris do it. Tonight’s kiss, in particular was so sweet. It was like the kisses were saying “I missed you so damned much.” Perhaps it was because it has been a while since they locked lips or because it seemed like a victory after weeks and weeks of keeping their feelings in check. Basti was smiling as he kissed his girlfriend and the way he surprised her by pinning her against the wall to give her flirtatious and playful smooches was so carefree and natural that the joy in their actions became infectious. Plus, this time around, Iris was a willing participant to the kissing, which made it all the more romantic.


A chaste kiss on the hand turns into a flirtatious smack on the lips. Basti is a smooth devil. He deserves the reward after waiting for so long.

Leave us not forget Basti’s hokage move in front of Iris’ own house. Love makes you brave indeed. But most especially, it makes you happy.



Because he got Mama Cass’ blessing, Basti is high (chair) on love. haha, promoted na, sa OTWOL low chair ngayon ang taas naman 😀

I loved that Mama Cass finally came to her senses and recognized that Basti made Iris happy. While she still had reservations about Basti because of his dad, I appreciate the fact that at least now, she isn’t being closed minded about his relationship with her daughter. Yay, Mama Cass!!! You’re starting to move on. I also appreciated the fact that even despite knowing that her mom disapproved of Basti, Iris came clean to her mom and never tried to hide the fact that she and Basti were back together. That’s a good mother and daughter relationship for you. Good job Team TIMY.

I’m still on the fence about Romeo though, because he’s being kind of inconsistent with Ali. Plus the secret phone calls. I fear that he will be yet another frog in Ali’s journey to find his prince. My only complaint about this episode though, bitin ang kisses! Personally, I hope Basti collects on the hundred kisses from the bet starting tomorrow. And for those who will judge me for wanting to see them kiss, go right ahead. I appreciate the show for its entirety but I am not one to deny that I love to see IsTi getting all sweet. I am not immune to OJD. So sue me.


PS. screengrabs from Official Jadine twitter


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