#TIMYUncertain: Spell bipolar –Kilig one moment, heartbreak in the next

Don’t mind me. I’m just a melted puddle of mush after that OJD-filled episode.

LOVERS IN TRAFFIC. Apparently, Basti doesn’t have a problem with Manila traffic like the rest of the population. Why would he, when he has the love of his life snuggled next to him in a dingy FX taxi. Ah, young love. (screengrab by @OfficialJadine twitter) 

THE LOWDOWN: After his road trip with his friends, Ali returns home to have a talk with Sir Dad. As expected, Sir Dad remains firm that he cannot accept Ali’s homosexuality so Ali decides to leave for the meantime to give his father some space. As Iris and Basti see Ali get settled in at the Love Nest, they head on to Iris’ house where Basti sees a glimmer of hope that Iris’ feelings for him will be rekindled. But Mama Cass is still not too keen on having him as a potential son in law, a fear that will be further aggravated by the nearing arrival of Nestor and Val.

What this episode managed to do was effectively balance the heavy scenes with the lighter scenes, perhaps as a means to keep the viewers sane from the amount of emotions that this episode delivered. But how, when we were alternating between dying of kilig with one gap and dying of heartbreak in the next?

For starters, that scene between Sir Dad and Ali as Ali tried to make his father understand his situation was top notch and so realistic. The hugot in the dialogue as well as the way he saluted his dad before he left was reminiscent of his childhood habit with his dad whenever he would come into his room to inspect. It was a fitting reminder that despite his sexual preference, Ali was still, and will always be the boy that Sir Dad and Mama Agnes raised. When Ali hugged his mom to say goodbye, crying like a baby, his vulnerability was so obvious and palpalable that you immediately root for him to patch things up with his dad soon.

On the part of Sir Dad, it was already an achievement that he stayed to listen to Ali despite standing firm on wanting his son to turn straight. You don’t really get to accept that all of your dreams for your offspring has been crushed in one day. And for him, as an officer of the military, it was unacceptable for his only son to be gay. While audiences would want him to be more open minded about his son’s gender, his actions have been quite predictable and understandable. He felt betrayed, and while its true that its Ali who is going through the most difficult journey, Sir Dad is going through his as well. I believe he’ll come around, eventually because he does love his son. As for Mama Agnes, wow! When she came to Cass’ house to break down in worry over her family, especially about Ali, I felt like my eyes were faucets from all the tears that I shed. Pokwang, for the second day in a row, delivered a Best Actress worthy performance. Husay!

Moving on, lets talk about all the joy that Basti and Iris brought to me, and millions of Jadine fans tonight. With Basti learning from Iris that Cass was giving him a chance to prove himself, his good mood was infectious. And what about that hand holding scene at the carinderia? Basti, you smooth devil you. The mischief in his eyes was pure James Reid.

At the FX, the sweetness continued and I was really surprised that the other passengers did not complain of ant bites because of all the sweetness. When Iris placed Basti’s head on her shoulders and Basti woke up, and when he tried to do the same with an Iris who was pretending to be asleep. Hay Dios Mio! I died. When he adjusted his position to encircle Iris in his embrace and tell her he wanted to spend more time on the road (read: spend more time with her), I melted. It was a cheesy scene I know, but because it was Jadine, it became magic. I loved it when Basti  felt right at home with Lolo Soc and Iris’s siblings. It warmed my heart. IsTi just made me so happy. Correction, they make me so happy.

But of course, all our happiness will be shortlived as typhoon Cass threatens once again to come between the lovebirds. Even as she promised Iris that she would give Basti a chance, she never really meant it and is now caught up once again with the bitterness of her past with Nestor. Having to deal with Basti alone is something that she could not get over, I fear what would happen when Nestor arrives?

I hope this time around Iris fights for Basti. For one, she has already proven herself as a good daughter to her mother and she is not being unreasonable in wanting to be with the person that she loves, especially since the said person has done his best to be worthy of her love by being patient, and kind and supportive. Basti has come a long way from the happy go lucky guy he was in Greece and Cass’ blind hatred for his father is keeping her for seeing Basti as his own person.

Basti, a piece of advice: Itanan mo na yan. Sagot ka namin. Promise.


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