#TIMYComingOut: Freedom, Road Trips and Anthem Songs

In life, there’s no problem that can’t be made lighter by the company of good friends, a night out, a clear space and a badass anthem song. This was proven tonight by the tripod trio of Iris, Ali and Basti after Ali finally came out to Sir Dad.


The LOWDOWN: Even as Ali and Romeo hit it off, in comes Sir Dad from a prolonged deployment in Zamboanga to barge in on them, leaving Ali with no choice but to confess that he is gay to his dad in the worst way possible. Agnes tries to intervene to no avail, and is torn between seeing to the welfare of her only child and comforting her husband who received the shock of his life Meanwhile, Basti and Iris manage to track down Ali ad offer their support to their friend, who apart from the threat of losing his dad, has definitely ost whatever potential romance he may have had with his new guy. On the plus side, Cass is now willing to give Basti a chance and Basti seems to be making headway with Iris as well.

Tonight’s episode was definitely intense. JC Santos is truly an acting gem. The way that he handled his confession to his dad, his breakdown in the car as he was trying to seek comfort from Romeo and the way he broke down and hugged Iris as soon as she arrived at the bar spoke volumes about how low he felt at the time. It also spoke of the familiarity and friendship that even Basti understood was between Iris and Ali, who will always be each others person no matter what. It was a fitting throwback to the beginning of the series but this time, the moment was purer because it was not muddled with romantic implications.

greggyagnesMy favorite scene however, belonged to Agnes and Greggy when they were discussing Ali’s predicament. The dialogue flowed so naturally between Pokwang and Robert Sena and it truly felt like a conversation between a husband and a wife about an affair affecting the family. When Greggy calmly asked Agnes why she did not tell him about Ali when they should have discussed it sooner, it was heartbreaking because there was a side of openness and vulnerability that he only showed to his wife. When Agnes spoke to appeal Ali’s case with his dad, her words were so heartfelt and truly reflected the feelings that any mom would feel about her child. Pokwang is truly an underrated actress. Pokwang as Agnes was brilliant when she went to Greece to support Ali and she was even more so now that she is in the middle of a conflict affecting the two people whom she loved the most.

I also loved TIMY’s approach to the friendship among Basti, Ali and Iris. The road trip is a classic remedy for heartbreak and rocking out to a 90s band, in particular, the Eraserheads’ Pare Ko was an awesome way to relieve the tension. I liked that Basti didn’t know all the words (he is from Greece after all) but went all out on the parts that he did know, making the jamming sesh even more fun.

I also loved the fact that despite the impending conflict, Ali felt like he could count on his friends to accept him even when it would be difficult for his dad to do so. There is still a storm looming in their relationship but because of his strong bond with his friends, Ali will never be left alone to deal with his problems. In the end, he felt free and braver in accepting himself. Friends are truly the family that you choose.

wesawthatPlus, Team TIMY did not forget to provide us with our fair share of OJD , serving up some progression on the IsTi front with Cass finally opening her mind to the possibility that Basti may be a good guy. The fact that Basti held Iris’ hand (without any qualifiers of friendship) and she allowed him to — Yasss!!! Our boy is making headway and its beautiful.

All in all, tonight’s episode was another winner. It wasn’t too heavy despite the magnitude of the issue at hand but it clearly delivered its message of acceptance and finding peace within oneself. Greggy’s acceptance may not come as easily this time as it did before when Ali quit for the PMA but the bond between father and son is strong so it will eventually happen. As for Basti and Iris’ wedding, I hope it won’t happen for a while yet because I’m really really enjoying this ligawan stage between the two characters. But for a series like this, anything can happen so I’m just gonna sit back and enjoy the ride.


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