#TIMYBreakTheIce: Lolo Soc, Kelly are tonight’s MVPs. Don’t fight me on this

interrogationTo say that tonight’s episode was a roller coaster ride would be an understatement. But what a way to start the week! Team TIMY is not kidding around. When they go big, they don’t do things halfway.

The LOWDOWN: With Ali’s date with Romeo going well and the two seeming to hit it off, its when Sir Dad’s deployment ends and he barges in on Ali and his date unexpectedly causing all of Ali and Agnes’ best laid plans to crumble. Meanwhile, Basti seems to be making some headway into his planned pursuit of Iris as Lolo Soc gives him his seal of approval. Iris’ siblings seem to like him too leaving Cass as the only holdout to IsTi’s happily ever after.

Let me just say, I love you Lolo Soc, definitely tonight’s MVP. It was great fun to see Lolo Soc use his seniority to strongarm Cass into allowing Basti into their home. The classic interrogation was executed masterfully with the group interrogation and later with the one-on-one. Basti aced both simply because he was honest about his feelings for Iris.

It was so realistic the way Basti was a bundle of nerves in front of Lolo Soc and Cass before he was finally able to express how he truly saw Iris (winning him the peanut gallery). Team TIMY, be honest, was there a bit of James Reid in there?

I like the gradual progression of Basti’s relationship with Iris and the Tayuman peeps. It seems that because he is beginning to feel Iris softening towards him, with her returning his feelings for her, it built up his self confidence and there is now more of an ease in the way he tells her how he feels. He states it as a matter of fact, and not because he wants her to answer right away. When he did this in Greece, he said he was willing to wait but there was a hint of pressure. Now, viewers can feel that he means every word when he says he is willing to wait until Iris is good and ready to accept him into her heart again. Again, Basti in Greece was already admirable but Basti 2.0 from Tayuman Philippines is a definite keeper. Should we even mention the paninilbihan? Basti is winning everything from the plumbing to the projects to the Q and A. Cass, ano na?


I would also like to commend Kelly as Basti’s cheerleader. Kelly is definitely the cupid of the bunch and I love how her teasing often prods her friends into taking action. Kelly deserves her own lovelife. I would recommend Timo but he plays for the other team.

As for Sir Dad’s arrival, talk about wrong timing. Just when Ali seems to be loosening up and hitting it off with Romeo, chaos ensues.


whatI wasn’t surprised by Sir Dad’s reaction though and up to a certain degree, I understand where he is coming from. He had expectations of Ali ever since he was a boy and his dream of having a soldier for a son was already dashed. After he supports his aspirations to be a chef, he is faced with another bombshell when his only son confesses to being gay.

This does not mean that my heart did not break for Ali, who has been hiding his true self from his dad out of fear his entire life. I also get that it is difficult for him to jeopardize his improving relationship with his father but I appreciate his bravery in standing up for himself and for Romeo in the moment when his dad was about to pin all the blame on the latter. It was an emotionally charged moment that once again proved the mettle of theater actors on television.

To say that the confrontation scene was bitin and frustrating would be putting it mildly. I dread the confrontation but my traitorous Jadine heart is also excited about what’s happening to Iris and Basti. Could I have mentioned before that this show makes me bipolar?

For a Monday episode, tonight made me interested to see what’s going to happen for this entire week, especially since they teased the wedding on October 25th. Let us not forget that aside from the Ali drama, there’s still Nestor and Val’s arrival to consider, that and the fact that if Cass and Nestor were to be in laws, something drastic needs to happen in between Tuesday to Friday. I’d rather not guess how it will go down but how can I not think about it. TIMY, what are you doing to me???!!!!



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