This @TeamPagIbig video sums up all our feels for Naddie

Even from the beginning, Jadine has always had their fair share of bashers. Everyone always had something bad to say about these two artists, who contrary to hate, should actually be getting praised for being the type of entertainers who actually care about the quality of their output, and as genuine people who actually care about their fans. But with their meteoric rise to the top, comes even more bashers out of the woodwork throwing even more malice and adding layers of lies to their manufactured negative stories.

Nadine has always been bashed for every little thing. From her looks, to her performances, and most recently about being a “snob” which the fan herself later disproved. It breaks my heart that the type of person who is braving the odds of showbusiness in the best way she can, is being constantly attacked and relentlessly criticized.

As more people grow to love her, those who hate grow more aggressive, blinded by jealousy for this girl who seems to have it all — a successful career after her many failures, the devotion of her family and friends, the heart of James Reid (whom no one figured for a romantic sap til now), and the love of millions of people all over the world (yes, Jadines are everywhere. EVERYWHERE).

But come to think of it, she deserves it doesn’t she? She works hard, she tries to push her limits, exercises her artistry … cares about people? Why is she beig begrudged her successes?

I made a special post for this video because @teampagibig clearly encapsulated what we, the people who love and support for Naddie, the queen of our hearts truly feel. This is our fight song, Baby Girl. This video will bring you to tears. Bravo, this video is awesome.


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