How to support the Shoes for a Cause Project


UPDATE: The project date has been moved up to December 11, 2016 due to scheduling considerations 😀

Team Jadine is Love, Jadine Mamas and Team Dalandan are partnering up to sponsor shoes and school supplies for 157 students of Botbot Elementary School this December 18. These kids don’t only have to trek a long distance to get to school every morning but they have to do it without the proper footwear because their parents, who are mostly charcoal makers, can’t afford them.

The Jadine Mamas have already committed to funding the shoes and school supplies that will be distributed for the children and Team Jadine is Love is coordinating the activity on the ground.

Still, you are more than welcome to join this project to provide these kids early Christmas presents in the form of other useful goods as our team treks the same distance to their school in Hamtic, Antique to bring them shoes that they can use on their daily journey.

Whether you’re living nearby and want to contribute effort by being a volunteer or if you want to support by donating goods, or provide funds to complete our targets, you are welcome to join us.

Please fill out this online form and our coordinator will get back to you the soonest way possible. Please provide all of the required information to make it easy for our team to contact you. Don’t worry, your information will be handled with utmost confidentiality.



Volunteers: We are in need of 10 people who will participate in the outreach due to the volume of items to be taken to the location as well as in managing the event on the ground.

Plastic Shoes 
P150 per piece x 157 = P23,550

P3.50per piece x 157 =P549.5php

P17.50php x 157 = P2,747.5

Food (zesto, chicken and rice)

Zesto per box 10pcs 
16 packs x P62.5 =P1000

P130 per kilo x 3= P390

P100 per gatang
P10 gatang x 100= 1000

Spoon and fork (plastic) 200pcs
200 pcs paper plate

Food for the volunteers 

  • The team is also accepting donations that are not included in the items listed down for the kids. Kindly indicate which item you would like to sponsor in the form.
  • The team is also accepting items like used clothing for the kids.
  • Deadline of submission is on November 1o, 2016

List of Donors and Volunteers: 

Rest assured that the team will be very transparent and will post the status of donations collected as well as the status of the project. Some of our early donors do not want their full names disclosed but we will be crediting them under the heading that they prefer.

  1. Team Jadine Is Love Ofc: P5,000
  2. JMAB P500
  3. Charlyne P1,000
  4. Ate Liza: P 1,655.85
  5. Ate Grace: P2,000
  6. Jadine Mamas: will provide P25,000 for shoes, school supplies and other needs
  7. Team Dalandan/ Adacrabs: 40 dozen (480 pairs) socks for Gades 1-6 children
  8. Doc Rachelle and Doc Mary Jane: Multivatimins for the kids
  9. Twitter @einel0608: P3,000
  10. Mommy Lucy (@jadine4life_cal) P1,178
  11. Che Cuevas-Dulin: P1,000

Thank you in advance for your support. May God Bless You… ALWAYS 😀






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