#TIMYExpectations: Hope springs eternal

I don’t know about you guys but for the second night in a row, I felt like the show finished so quickly. I know that they air the same length episode every night when I check Iwantv but maybe I’m just enjoying these light moments so much that I feel like there’s not enough time per episode.

THE LOWDOWN. Basti manages to help out Iris with a problematic client and in the process may have opened the door for a reconciliation of a long damaged relationship. Seeing his opening, Basti manages to sneak in a question he has long been wanting to ask Iris, and when she doesn’t shut him down immediately, Basti considers it a good sign for the future. Meanwhile, after the not quite successful date with Timo, Ali meets someone by accident who seems to like him back.

There were many great scenes in tonight’s episode. There was some progression in the IsTi front because Iris this time was now more open to a possible reconciliation, seeing how Basti has matured and gotten his act together since Greece. In fact, so confident was she of his progress that she has even told her mom about it (which caused Cass to panic internally).

I liked how Basti told Iris that he’ll ask her to pay him back for saving her time and again and I get the feeling that this will be something really sweet. I for one also like how naturally he tries to be smooth in front of Iris and becomes a lovesick schoolboy as soon as her back is turned. Her pakipot ways and simple kilig grins are a perfect foil to make this brewing second chance even more rootable. (If there even was such a word)

I also loved seeing Ali crush on Romeo like a lovestruck teenager. While Romeo seemed like a bad boy type, I have hope that he will prove the stereotype wrong and pull through for Ali. After all, Nico looked like an okay guy but turned out to be a douche.

While the confession to Sir Dad looms, I hope that Ali will find love with Romeo that would withstand the upcoming challenges.

Speaking of high school crushes, I was so happy that Kelly had a lot of scenes tonight.Kim Molina has great comedic timing and made the episode super fun. She is the representation of every high school barkada you ever had — the one who teased you mercilessly and got you in trouble, and the one who you confide your embarrassing secrets to. I’m glad Ali had her to share his kilig with. There were no judgements and overreaction, just pure support. Sometimes, that’s what friendship is all about and there is a certain comfort in that.

There was also a great poignant moment between Ali and Basti which was a far cry from yesterday’s car scene. Both bros seem more relaxed and hopeful now of their lovelives and it was a heartwarming scene to see.

Tonight gave me tons of high school feels and it was cute and innocent and tentative, but the feelings involved in the scenes were true and relatable. Thumbs up for the weekender but Monday is a whole new battle anew. Whew! I’m cutting this short as I’m typing on mobile. 🙂





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