#TIMYLoveNest: Yummy ba? Opo.


FLIRTING 101. Baby girl tries to hide it but her kilig is threatening to break free. Unleash it baby girl *starts grinding*

I don’t know if its just me or did today’s episode just breeze through? I actually felt the ads were longer than the actual show and since the number of commercial loads is one indication of a show’s success, I just used my time productively by joining the twitter party (aside from the official HT, Jahdin also trended 10th nationwide. Whoa!) and just enjoyed the episode for what its worth.

THE LOWDOWN: The Love Team’s first client Mr. La Torre offers Ali, Iris and Basti the free use of one of his old houses so that their budding business can have an official address. However, true to his word, the old house needed a lot of work. But the team is unfazed, and with new additions manage to clean up the place enough to welcome their first client, debutante Cara (Lois Andalio) and her warring parents who argue over everything.

Tonight’s episode was pretty chill. There was some throwback to the Carmel episode of OTWOL but only because it involved cleaning up and Jadine making eyes at each other. With Basti and Iris more comfortable with each other now, harutan moments ran aplenty.

They teased each other at every opportunity and the genuine caring was back in full force. It was so obvious they still had feelings for each other. In fact, they were even sweeter in this episode than way back in Greece when IsTi was an item. It is a testament to the evolution of their relationship that viewers find a better appreciation of their current status (in love but in denial) than the time they were free to kiss and be near each other all the time (although we wouldn’t be complaining if it happened now). It may be because the story is now providing the depth in the relationship that viewers were looking for the first time around with the couple.

I think its brilliant and well planned that the questions and concerns raised by viewers at the beginning of the series are being answered one by one — not all at once but gradually so that viewers can process and appreciate them for what they seek to accomplish. As the story progresses, there is a better understanding that this was the plan all along — for IsTi’s relationship to fail (which was their Almost stage) and now, the story is geared towards achieving the Always. I am impressed by the strategy and the method employed by the TIMY team in accomplishing this. It took time but they stuck to the plan and now, we have well laid out story that has miles and miles to go in every possible direction.


SORRY TIMO, we were rooting for you but we guess our Ali is still not ready. 

Ali is also moving on in his own way. I was a bit sad to see that there won’t be a next time for Timo because he seemed like a nice guy, plus Basti knew him personally so at least he got to gauge his character before the prospect was introduced to Ali. As it turns out, the timing isn’t right since Ali is still pining for his bro. I loved the way Iris, being Iris just couldn’t not know what was happening to her bestie and how Basti catered to her wishes to check on Ali just because the love of his life asked him. Like I said. SWEET.


WORD OF THE WISE. Never sneak up on Iris, she either a)screams her head off or if your’re unlucky b) punches your face. Sorry kuya, you picked B. 

I like that the show is transitioning to include more characters. This may be what Direk Tonette was referring to at first where the show will feature weekly guests. My guess is that each client will teach Ali, Basti and Iris a lesson about relationships and these lessons will contribute to the development of their friendship and lovelives. While the episode tonight wasn’t as eventful as the previous episodes of the week, it was still a winner because it was light, funny and contributed to the overall journey of this trio (My favorite scene was actually, when Iris punched kuya lasenggo from Tayuman when he sneaked up on her, and of course the punasan, yummy scene with Isti).

The Abangan killed me again. Cass, please don’t ruin the weekender by asking Iris to stay away from Basti again. Please. Just don’t. Let us have this.

This tweet sums it up perfectly.

PS. Thanks to @OfficialJadine on twitter for these excellent screenshots.



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