Shoes for a Cause this Christmas

UPDATE: For transparency purposes, the donations and accounting will be posted on the How to Support Shoes for a Cause Project. Jadine Mamas has also committed to sponsor the shoes and school supplies for the kids. Further donations will be used to purchase school supplies and food for the kids as well as to fund the logistic costs of the project. Visit the page for more information if you still want to help. Thank you!!!

This December, our fellow Jadines and collaborators Team Jadine is Love and JadineMamas is embarking on an outreach mission to provide shoes and school supplies for 157 students in an upland barangay in Hamtic, Antique this December.

The project started out as Slippers for A Cause but gauging by the children’s needs as well as the outpouring of support from kindhearted individuals, the project has been modified to Shoes for a Cause where the team will provide rubber school shoes for the kids to help them in their long journey to school.

Updates on the project will be posted on this page for transparency purposes.

Hope you can find it in your heart to help.

For inquiries and donations, please contact

Here’s the text from the post of admin KV,  on their Instagram account.

14677910_10205739810014643_2074488040_oJaDine friends and followers, we would like to ask for your help.

In an upland Barangay, 157 students from Botbot Elementary School in Hamtic Antique are asking for our help. Their parents are working as farmers and some tend to work in charcoal making to feed their children. As you can see in the picture above, the kids need to travel daily in this muddy, rough and dangerous mountain to go to school. They are asking for slippers or shoes for them to use. (Butas butas and sirang sira na po ang kanilang ginagamit).

One of my team’s members is working for a local TV station as a field reporter. That is why we decided to choose this school for a charity cause. We would like to ask for your help, slippers or a shoes, your choice. If you have questions you can dm/pm or message me through our social media accounts. Together with my team (teamjadineisloveofc, teamdalandan, chunchun squad and Basta Ilongga Gwapa) and my friends from BPI, we would trek an hour or two on December 18,2016 (tentative date) to visit these kids and send them early gifts before the year ends. Also, we are going to celebrate our first year anniversary as a team with a cause. 💋🎈🎉❤️ There’s something inexplicably satisfying in witnessing people unwrap a gift and respond with unadulterated amazement and happiness. You have made them smile, and that’s worth far more than money or any material item.

P.S. After all, we can’t move forward as a species when such a significant number of people are left to suffer in the shadows. 😿😥 The reflection of our idols can be seen through our deeds. Let us prove to all those haters and bashers, that we JaDine fans are united and make our idols proud of our actions. Thank you in advance for your generous hearts.


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