#TIMYGetBetter: What is move on?Mikmiks save the day

If there was one thing that episode managed to achieve, it was to become an eye opener.

It has been a long time since Greece but Ali’s latest heartbreak and IsTi’s newfound friendship only emphasized one thing. Not one of them has moved on from their feelings for each other and apparently, its just Basti who’s being completely honest with himself at this point.

THE LOWDOWN. Nico turns out to be a douchebag and upon hearing the not so stellar end to Ali’s night, Iris and Basti cut their date short and rush to keep their friend company in his time of need. To a certain degree, their efforts to cheer him up work but their obvious feelings for each other and their now comfortable relationship only heightened Ali’s feelings of being the odd one out. And while Iris claims that she is doing better with her current set up with Basti, Basti is certain that he is willing to do anything to win Iris back again because she is the “one”.

cheeseringcheesering2This episode was truly a testament to what kind of friendship Ali, Basti and Iris have. Both Iris and Basti are the type of friends who would rush to their friend’s aid whenever he’s in need. Iris is the one to lead the charge against anyone who slights Ali, impatient to make everything better, while Basti is cool and calm but at the end of the day, his relaxed attitude and gentle advice packs a whole lot of punch. When Ali asked him if he was thinking of finding anyone new in an effort to move on, Basti’s determined  “No, I’ve already found the one,” is the stuff girls dream of.  The way Ali looked longingly at him when he turned his back was both sad and hopeless but Ali knew where he stood and so I am confident that he will eventually move on with the right person. Besides, IsTi is end game.

I liked that when Basti and Jomar spoke, he was consistent and confident of what his next move would be. I am liking this slow progression in the IsTi love story where they are given time to develop their relationship and get to know each other fully well. This makes for a better foundation than their relationship in Greece which was fueled mostly by emotion.

As for Cass, she hasn’t gone beast mode yet over Basti but mainly because Iris and Basti are still in the “just friends” stage. She is less frantic than she was in Greece and that’s a positive but we still don’t trust her after she stated not to long ago that she will never trust Basti because of Nestor. On the other hand, the fact that she would dangle her trust above her daughter’s head to keep her from reigniting her relationship with the latter was a master class in manipulation. I’m not too sure about what her reminder for Iris to mind her own happiness means though. Was it a pass to go for Basti? Its too early to tell. And while her meddling in her daughters lovelife seemed to have a slight advantage now, it was made for the wrong reasons and its still a foul.

Lolo Soc on the other hand was very insightful and had his granddaughter’s best interest at heart. I’m glad that he’s on the side of Iris’ happiness.

While Ali deals with the aftermath of his first date, Sir Dad is shown boasting to his soldiers how proud he was of his son. He was even so excited about Ali’s date and wanted to get involved in his son’s life as much as possible. I fear that this turns out as a nightmare when Greggy finds out the truth about Ali.

While there is some good news and a clean up montage coming up in tomorrow’s episode, it would be interesting to see how Nestor and Val’s homecoming will turn out. And how will this impact he kids again because the last one turned out to be disastrous? And with Ali’s coming out problem and the new business just starting out and IsTi just getting ready for their second wave, I don’t want to pin my hopes on Nestor’s excitement as an indication of what’s to come. I have learned my lesson multiple times before. One can never be too happy because it always comes at a cost, for this teleserye anyway. Its different that way.

PS. The mikmiks saved the day. Classic.

PPS: ctto to all the Twitter accounts we borrowed csreengrabs from @OfficialJadine @mintedjasika



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