#TIMYFirstDate: A tale of two dates

Let me get this off my chest. Tonight’s episode was liiiiittt from start to finish. I can’t get over my kilig. As a matter of fact, the one typing this review is actually my kaluluwa because I died a thousand deaths from the sweetness that was IsTi in tonight’s episode. I know, I know. It was supposed to be Ali’s first date but how can I not get distracted by these two? Tell me.

sabon2sabonThe LOWDOWN: Iris and Basti join forces to spy on their friend Ali as he goes on a first date with their cupcake supplier Nico, but apparently, the duo’s espionage skills need more work. Ali finds them out and gets mad at them for ruining his date which is part of his process in getting to know himself further as he embarks on a personal journey. Chagrined, Iris and Basti are left to their own devices and they decide to go to a local peryahan on a pseudo-date where, as friends, they get to revisit their feelings while they were in Greece.

For one, Ali was one of the main focuses of tonight’s episode. While Iris and Basti’s stalking and banter made for great rom com moments, Ali’s dialogue was spot on, showing that his character is embracing his individuality and his need to evolve. While coming out was difficult in itself, it still was only the first step in the journey and Ali taking baby steps as a gay man was beautiful to watch.

His earlier scenes with Nico looked promising since Nico was already out in the truest sense of the word. It seemed at first that he was going to help Ali come out of his shell and be someone he can move on from Basti with. As it turns out, Nico was a mass of contradictions, claiming to understand that Ali was recovering from his first heartbreak, while at the same time, pushing him to enter into an aggressive relationship straight away. Not cool at all. Bravo to JC for portraying Ali with equal amounts of innocence, wonder and interest, and later confusion as to what to do when Nico threw a hissy fit and walked out.

Moving on to Iris and Basti. How cute are these two? Too cute for words. James and Nadine served up the kilig in spades without even trying. Its like James and Nadine suddenly made a cameo and took over the scenes and I say this in a good way because JaDine’s natural rapport and chemistry propelled the scenes into a mass of kilig bombs. When Iris and Basti teased each other, they were adorable. When they so much as looked at each other I turned to mush and when Basti panicked at the thought of losing Iris, who turned out to be pranking him at the horror house (and subsequently hugged her tightly) my heart just fell to the floor. In one fell swoop, a playful scene transitioned into a very sweet and poignant moment in the new relationship of these two characters.

carouselWhen they talked on the carousel, and opened their hearts to the possibility of loving again, the parlay of the dialogue was rapid swift, and the banter flawless. When Basti said kinikilig ako, which Iris countered and he countered back, the volley of acid sharp wit made the scene very interesting and essential. And their kilig smiles. Oh. My. God. My JaDine heart wanted to jump out of my chest. Seriously, these two.

However, the episode’s brilliance lies with the fact that the two dates served as parallels of each other. Ali is just starting out his journey while IsTi is already on its second wind — what Ali is only learning now, his friends already went through in Greece. Nico is a far cry from Basti. While Nico was quick to move on to his next prospect, Basti was willing to wait and stick it out until Iris was ready again to give their love a chance because she was the only one for him.

Ali will be fine. A princess would need to kiss a ton of frogs before landing a prince but while he hasn’t found him yet, he has his friends’ love to tide him over.

Tonight was just an appetizer for the long buffet ahead. We feel it, and the kilig will be doubled when Ali finds the right guy. For now, we want IsTi to seal the deal.

PS: The cinematography for tonight’s episode was spot on.

PPS.I’m gonna wait until they upload the episode on iwantv and see it again before I go to bed because one can never have too much good vibes.


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