#TIMYFeelings: Kilig, going undercover and looking towards the future

One thing I like about TIMY weekenders — you never know what you’re gonna get. After a week of roller coaster emotions of kilig and drama, the weekender served up some great scenes of foreshadowing as well as great transitioning to the next phase of the story.

Basti’s kilig is infectious. May hugot po Ser?

THE LOWDOWN. After Iris’ dad rejects her, Basti stays by her side and provides the support and comfort that she needs from a friend. While Iris believes that being friends is the best course of action for now, Basti remains confident that the right time with come for them to return to the way they used to be. He chooses to focus on his family for the meantime and tries to repair his relationship with his dad as he bridges the gap between Jomar and his Tito Pilo. Meanwhile, Val tries her best to see to it that Nestor doesn’t return to Manila and Cass does her best reverse psychology on IRis to make sure she doesn’t fall for Basti again.

Tonight’s episode seemed like a fitting conclusion to establish a new phase in Iris and Basti’s relationship. Its obvious that Basti is still so in love with Iris but on the other hand, Iris is even more apprehensive to jump into a relationship this time around, having her heart broken time and again by the men in her life (Ali, Basti – sorry but that temporary lapse on the stairway really didn’t help you with your case, and now joining the ranks is her biological father). Adding to that the constant brainwashing from Cass about how she trusts Iris to make the “right” choices. Right for Cass is more like it. I think that even if  Iris was smart enough not to fall for these tricks, given her exhaustion from dealing with heartbreak after heartbreak, this may affect her, especially since the advice is coming from someone she loves so much.

Still, I have hope that Basti’s dreams of Iris wearing their promise ring again will come true since they are now more comfortable around each other, overcoming the initial awkward phase after going through the slew of problems that Iris has had to face together. Basti’s moment of contemplation, intersped with a montage of all the things that went wrong in their relationship was an excellent touch to underscore Basti’s realization that he has to wait for the right time for their love to flourish anew.

Back to the present,  I love how Basti reacted to a single text from Iris and Iris’ simple smile upon his reply spoke volumes about how much she still felt for Basti. Despite the contrast in their reactions, James and Nadine managed to communicate full well their characters’ lingering feelings for each other. Tito Pilo’s talk of love and family gives me hope that all these are foreshadowing for future episodes.

I also loved how Basti’s meddling has bridged the gap between his Tito Pilo and cousin Jomar and their improved relationship has compelled him to reach out to Nestor and extend the olive branch that Nestor wanted all along.

I felt bad for Ali, who despite having to deal with coming out, is still hung up over Basti. While I am happy that there’s a cute guy who seems to want to get to know him. I have a bad feeling that this will not work out because Nico will be a rebound. However, if anything is to be gained from the experience, at least, Ali will better understand himself after this relationship. On the other hand, I could be entirely wrong and Nico could be Ali’s Basti, the guy who would not give up and do anything for the one that he loves. I’ve given up making fearless forecasts for this show because it always surprises me.

What I didn’t like was Val going underhanded again. Because of her insecurity, she is crossing the line to ensure that Nestor doesn’t get the financial backing to pursue a business in Manila because she is afraid that he would realize that he loved Cass and not her. This despite her proclamations that she wanted Basti and Nestor to repair their relationship. While her actions were propelled by fear, its still not cool Val. Hasn’t she learned her lesson from keeping secrets from Nestor and her friends?

Next week promises to be an eventful week which may bring back the focus on Ali’s first date. But leave us not forget that he has yet to come clean to his father about his gender so we shouldn’t let all this kilig for NicoLi (I’m christening this ship NicoLi whether it catches on or not) distract us from the main event that looms. I’m stoked to see how the stalking game will level up with Iris joining the fray. Its bound to be epic (and hilarious). James and Nadine are romcom gold.


PS Sorry for the late post. I just got my Metro October issue and just had to read the one on one Q&A by James and Nadine on each other. It didn’t disappoint.


PPS Thank you once again Official Jadine for sharing screengrabs on Twitter. Our blog thrives on it.






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