#TIMYWithYouNow: The way to a woman’s heart? Extra rice

Before I begin writing this episode recap, I would just like to ask everyone to take a second to appreciate Basti – part time staker, guardian angel, suitor, quail egg peeler, wiper of tears, shoulder to cry on, cheerleader and the best part – a friend who allows you to eat as much extra rice as you want without judgement. All this he managed to accomplish in the space of one episode.  Now isn’t that worth appreciating?

pugoThe LOW DOWN: Iris finally musters up the courage to introduce herself to her biological father. Basti accompanies her to lend support. While the initial moments seemed like it was going to go swimmingly , Iris is told by her father flat out that he doesn’t want to be part of her life. Worse, he tries to give her money so she wont show up in his doorstep anymore. Heartbroken, Iris gets by with Basti’s presence and they proceed to drown her sorrows in heaping cupfuls of extra rice at her favorite Tapsilog joint. In other news, Ali meets someone who seems to likes him, his cupcake supplier Nico.

Tonight’s episode was a roller coaster of emotions. While at first, it seemed like Iris was finally going to get the dad she always wanted,  her hopes got dashed quickly enough by her father’s swift rejection, which cut pretty deeply given that Jay Manalo is an expert at playing a douchebag role. In the midst of all of it, I liked how Basti was able to inject that he still liked Iris and that “they” were deciding whether to get the house. Conjugal property feels?

I loved how Basti really stepped up and took care of Iris, making sure that she ate and drank, making sure that she knew he was there beside her, being a good friend, giving her advice and trying to cheer her up. Tonight, there was a difference in the level of their conversation. This time, they were really sharing important things about themselves, their plans, their feelings — they were letting the guard down and really understanding each other which was a truly positive development in their relationship. At this point, it seemed like a given that they were going to be part of each other’s lives and this made my IsTi heart full, like Iris’ tummy when she ordered four cups of rice with her Tapsi.

supportI also liked that while IsTi’s relationship is blossoming, there is a future for Ali’s lovelife as well. Sure, he hasn’t yet gotten over Basti  in the truest sense of the word, but its interesting to see him outside of the triangle, in his own space and taking new steps towards his own journey. Kelly may provide the comic relief most of the time, but her love advice for Ali was totally on point. Ali would do well to heed it.

alicoolkellypushAs for Cassandra, I wish that the showrunners would refrain from lumping Cass’ paranoid scenes in the same gap as IsTi sequences. Cass singlehandedly manages to crush any good vibes left over from an IsTi scene because her logic is truly getting out of hand. She knows that she is being unfair to Basti and flat out said that her only problem with the guy is his parentage and yet, she doesn’t seem to understand how wrong that sounded and how flawed her reasoning was. Seriously, Iris lucked out on the parents lotto — not. A mom who refuses to leave the past and forgive, a father who still abandons people when the situation doesn’t suit him. Good thing Basti decided to tag along or else it would have been a different situation for Iris.

All in all, tonight was a solid episode to rebuild IsTi 2.0. It served up the kilig, the inis and heartbreak and balanced everything out with hope for the Abangan. At the end of the day, all you’ll ever want is a guy who understands you, and loves you even if you end up eating an entire cauldronful of rice when you’re depressed. Basti is that guy, so snap him up Iris before anyone else does, capisce? Can’t wait for the weekender.


PS: Screengrabs courtestyof OfficialJadine twitter


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