#TIMYLoveTriangle: A barangay that texts together gets the girl

ANTI CLIMACTIC. In the midst of the celebratory air, Basti receives a text scam, dampening his mood. Welcome to the Philippines, Basti! Good thing the next one actually came from Iris. High fives all around!

Straight off the bat, let me just say that I loved tonight’s episode, because while Iris’ face to face with her dad held a real sense of foreboding, there were a lot of reasons to smile about in this epi.


After Basti became Iris’ shoulder to cry on post first encounter with her dad, things seemed to become easier between the two of them. Basti is still worried about Iris but he doesn’t want to be too pushy and lose all the ground he has gained in terms of their “friendship.” Good thing he has the support of his family, plus the neighbors who are more than willing to contribute their two cents to help his flailing lovelife. Meanwhile, Ali confesses to Iris about his hallucinations about Basti and while it seems that his leftover feelings for his bro may take a while to get rid of, he understands where he stands in their weird love triangle.

Easily, the best part of tonight’s episode was Basti’s attempt to express his concern for Iris via text. At first, it was just his family that was advising him. But things escalated quickly and before he knew it, he was composing a text to Iris with advice coming from the entire community. Should he use an emoji? How should he phrase his question? Everyone was an expert and everyone wanted to be heard. I loved Basti’s tentative reaction to each suggestion, like he was genuinely overwhelmed by all the opinions yet at the same time, he was waiting for a sign to see if he was doing the right thing. I actually pity Iris because unknown to her, the entire barangay already knew about her issues with her dad, and her issues with Basti and their failed romance even before she set foot in Tayuman.

All we know is that Tayuman is the new Tenement.

Speaking of IsTi, I loved how their relationship seemed to have smoothened out, like they were finally comfortable enough to be there for each other when the other one is in need. When Basti confessed that he’s been stalking Iris, it was so endearing, and the montage of all the cute things he did to save/help Iris only emphasized how much he loved her, even from afar. And while Iris didn’t originally agree with his methods, in the end, she still accepted his support so that should count for something, right? Besides, who can resist a grin like Basti’s? We totally get you girl.

At last, we finally learn that Iris’ dad’s name is actually Robert. LOLs. Breakthrough moment for even the most hard core TIMYllenial because the show never once mentioned the character’s name in the entire month since it aired.

As for Val and Cass, I get why these girls were friends —  they basically deal with their problems the same way —  by avoidance.

While Cass would much rather sweep her history with Nestor under the rug, Val is actively trying to convince Nestor to abandon their plans to start a business in the Philippines because she wanted to keep him far from Cassandra. Like Cass, Val’s insecurity has caused her to be blind to the plight of Iris and Basti because she was more concerned about her own interests and was consumed by her own feelings of inadequacy.

There were a lot of great moments in tonight’s episode, but again heartbreak looms in tomorrow’s episode since Robert’s reaction to seeing Iris in his doorstep didn’t seem too promising. Its bound to get worse tomorrow. Good thing Basti tagged along to be Iris’ rock. Go IsTi! And the abangan promises a potential love interest for our Ali. Good for you, sweetie!

PS: Special mention — we were super disturbed about how bad the photos on Robert’s Facegram were edited. Ktnkxbye

PPS: Photos from @nikalurks,@officialjadine twitter



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