#TIMYStayAway: Daddy’s Girls and that “impromptu” date

istihug2I must admit that all of my expectations for this episode bombed. With the Abangan, I thought for sure, Jay Manalo’s character had failed in Canada leading him to return to Manila (Sorry, I judged Iris’ dad because of his hair). Second, I thought Cass would blow up upon learning that Iris wanted to meet her dad. Two of my biggest predictions — pfft! That is why I would to refrain from fearless forecasts now. LOL.

After the success of their first event leads to a second, bigger project, Iris and Basti decide to set aside their romantic past and focus on the job at hand. Basti, still hopeful that the time for his reunion with Iris will come, no longer wants to rush into things (because it hasn’t quite worked for him). He wants to fix his life and prove himself to Iris first before pursuing her . As for Iris, she convinces herself that she can work well with Basti professionally without being affected by any lingering feelings. But Basti’s resolve doesn’t mean he can help himself following Iris around to be her secret guardian angel. This turns out to be a good thing  because she really needed his presence when she accidentally bumped into her real dad, to the shock of her life. Meanwhile, Ali begins to see Basti everywhere, leaving him to wrestle with any leftover feelings he has for his bro.

Iris’ face to face with her dad lasted only a couple of minutes for the entire episode, but it became a major part of the story straight out because it opened another storyline and another possible complication in the life of Iris. Poor girl seems like she can’t catch a break. First, she falls for her bestie only to be dumped because he realizes he’s gay. She finds a second shot at love only to be forced to break up because of her mom’s history with Basti’s dad and now, out of the blue, she meets her real dad who seems to be really happy with his family. Even if Iris wanted to introduce herself, she is unsure as to whether her dad will accept her or what it would mean for her family he he does acknowledge her. When she hugged Basti out of instinct, all her hurt and confusion poured out of her in one go. It was a good thing that Basti was there for her. We wanted to give her a hug as well.

I loved how James executed Basti’s genuine concern. Basti did not take advantage of the situation to advance his romantic interests but rather just relished Iris’ company and became the friend she needed at the time. I loved their impromptu date and just how sweet Basti was to Iris. And it seemed that it didn’t go unnoticed too. We caught that smile, baby girl.

I was a big fan of the way he tried to make light of their complicated situation and the way he grinned from ear to ear when Iris gave him a peck on the cheek when she said goodbye. It was priceless and his happiness could rival that of a person who just won the lotto. When he called up Ali to ask him to check on Iris, my heart melted. I’m sure that if Iris didn’t put up her defenses against Basti because of Cass, her heart would melt too from his constant efforts for her.

Tonight’s episode was not just about IsTi though, as Ali goes through his own emotional turmoil. Apparently, he still has leftover feelings for his bro Basti, causing him to see Basti everywhere. This makes him irritable and confused but viewers will completely understand his dilemma. Its hard to move on from someone like Basti, who is not only gorgeous but is also reliable, kind and talented to boot.

Aside from Iris’ daddy issues, Ali is also set to deal with his own problems with his dad. The way JC executed Ali’s repressed emotions when he had the phone conversation with his sir dad was so poignant and so touching that viewers will be compelled to root for the success of his confession to the general.

On the other hand, I for one, was utterly surprised by Cass’ reaction to Iris meeting her dad. It was both surprising and confusing because technically, Iris’ dad was the bigger douche and yet she was okay with her daughter meeting him. On the flipside, she is up in arms over Basti, the son of yet another ex without even giving the guy a chance. Its just weird and makes no sense.

While the story promises a whole slew of complications in the days ahead, I am savoring the establishment of this new dynamic between Iris and Basti, as well as the evolution of their characters. What I would like to see next is an evolution of Iris’ style because some viewers are beginning to question her fashion sense and asking what compelled Basti to fall for her. I for one, am convinced of their love story but it just doesn’t help that Basti is effortlessly gorg while Iris is portrayed as a plain Jane. For me, I just think that she can pull off the simple without appearing too manang so I guess production could take note of this.


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