#TIMYAwkward: Opening doors to new beginnings; Welcome IsTi 2.0

bastistairsnaddiestairs*Sorry I posted later than usual. Our cable got busted a couple minutes before TIMY (talk about poor timing) and I had to do the review based on my catch up session on iwantv.

We haven’t yet completely moved on from the breakup of Iris and Basti before we were treated to precious IsTi moments for these past few days. Now, not even before we have fully appreciated these kilig moments does a new challenge loom in the lives of our OTP – Iris’ dad is gonna be back and if Mama Cass raised hell when she learned about Nestor, we imagine hell will freeze over this time around.

After both Iris and Basti chose to concentrate on their lives away from each other post separation, an unlikely circumstance brings them back together. While their reunion starts out on shaky footing, it does not take long for them to realize how well they work together, bringing back memories of their partnership in Greece. And it looks like its not yet the end of the road after all as team Tripod is overdue for a reunion, with the addition of Kelly and Jomar of course.

After almost two weeks of straight heartbreak, the kilig is back with a vengeance as both James and Nadine deliver some of their best kilig moments on the show yet. Nadine shines brightest in comedy and she was truly in her element tonight. James as Basti was effortlessly adorable and the way that he deliberately made Iris feel more awkward was super entertaining to watch.

I loved how the immediate rapport kicked in when they interacted. Its like someone turned on a switch and IsTi 2.0 is immediately in the making. I must confess that I actually like them better together now , even though there is a layer of awkwardness because of a shared history. While Iris was initially resistant to Basti’s presence, there was a maturity in her acceptance of their situation that wasn’t there before. Whereas the Iris of before ran scared of getting hurt, this version of Iris knew where she stood, and kept her feelings close to her chest, even if her eyes were giving her away.

I loved that Basti still held some hope for an eventual reunion and while he seemed chill on the outside, there was a longing in his voice and in his eyes when he spoke to his cousin about Iris, a tender moment further underscored by James’ vulnerability in that moment.

I liked that despite their break up, they were really sensitive to the feelings of each other, lending support in little ways when the other needed it. It was a testimony that their relationship, no matter how brief and fleeting was founded on a genuine caring and understanding of each other, no matter how Cass dismissed it.

Speaking of Cass, I was ready  to strangle her again for panicking way more than was necessary over Basti. I really couldn’t get over how closed minded she is about the guy despite only knowing him for a brief second. And since the Abangan already showed Jay Manalo aka Iris’ dad crossing paths with her, I could just imagine what issue will stem from it. Will Iris be forced to forego a possible relationship with her father too just because Cass will be hurt by it? Really, this immaturity of Cass is getting on my nerves.

Another looming challenge is Ali’s impending confession to his dad. I don’t know but I have a very bad feeling about this, just because he and his mom are so optimistic about it.

Tonight was all about friendship, family and the return of Team Tripod. It was also a great way to restart IsTi’s love story, which I expect will have all the things that were skipped over in their whirlwind romance in Greece. I have a feeling that this was what the team had planned all along and now, I’m ready for the next roller coaster ride this series has to offer. I’m excited, and afraid, yet hopeful for what lies ahead. Complications threaten Ali, Basti and Iris anew because of the past. It would have been so much easier had they just been left to deal with their own issues in Greece. These parents’ dramas and ruining my happy vibes. LOL.

PS. Screengrabs courtesy of Official Jadine twitter


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