#MakingMegaGreeceWithJadine: A docu well worth the wait

HE SAID: He’s glad she can hear him (PS. This guy has no bad angle– just had to say it)
SHE SAID: Get out of the room James, she doesn’t want you to hear her reply. Can these two get any cuter?

Just days after the premiere of the #MakingMegaGreeceWithJadine documentary sponsored by Mega Magazine for fans of James and Nadine, the magazine exclusively released the 48+ minute documentary on its TV100 app for all the fandom to enjoy.


From the first minute, the documentary managed to capture the essence of the Greek photoshoot as well as the charm and the magic that was part and parcel of Team Real.

While most of the answers of James and Nadine were already included in the articles for Mega, it was different to hear them uttering the same words, inflected with emotions and facial expressions and seeing how kilig they were with each other. From the very first segment, the difference between James and Nadine as individuals was already obvious.

James, before answering the questions, asked if Nadine could hear, which she answered to the affirmative. He said “Good,” and proceeded to share insights into their love story. He was obviously giddy himself when he reminisced about how their relationship started and it was so cute to see James so eloquently share their love story.

Nadine, when it was her turn to be interviewed saw that James was listening to how she answered the questions about him. She immediately turned shy and tried to shoo him away, which was adorable. James explained that he was never bothered talking whether or not Nadine was in the room and it was only she who minded whenever he was in there, listening. LOLs. And that was just the beginning.

I loved how candid the approach was to the interview, and cover stars James and Nadine were equally candid with their answers. They have told their story countless times for tons of interviews but one thing remains consistent — the grins on their faces when they talk about each other –the sparkle in their eyes when they describe each other leaves no doubt that Team Real’s feelings are just that — real.

I loved how James described his girlfriend as “not a typical girly princess.” There was just pride in his voice and a sparkle in his eyes when he said it, like he was proud that his girl was different from everyone else. For her part, Nadine’s candor and ease when she described her boyfriend as “walang arte”rang of equal pride. And while they were different in a lot of ways, at the core of their individuality, lies their commonality. Suki had it right, there was just this sense of joy that they bring everytime they’re together.

There were plenty of sweet moments in the documentary between the two lovebirds and it seemed that the entire team was equally entranced with their natural chemistry. Everyone was so happy all the time which was uncanny given the super tight schedule that they had to work with.

I learned a lot of photography tricks and angles just by watching ace photographer Mark Nicdao work the cameras. He’s successful because he just has that natural eye for the best angles and he keeps a really chill set. He works fast but he delivers the best results because he interacts with his subjects. Mad skills this guy has and that would be an understatement. I noticed that Jadine had a natural rapport with Mark, perhaps because they have worked with him before, or perhaps because they have a common interest in photography. They share an easy working relationship as they communicate and review the shots after the take.

I loved watching the team at work, from creatives, to styling to execution. Even when the documentary was focused on the other spreads for the big fashion issue, I was still clued to the screen and watching intently because it gave me an idea of what work went into making the magazine (which was one of the objectives of the show in the first place). So kudos to the entire Mega (and Viva) team for a job well done.

All in all, the documentary was well executed and delivered on all its objectives. Aside from depicting the beauty of Greece, capturing the essence of the cover stars and showcasing their talented team, the documentary managed to deliver it in such a way that it would appeal to millenials and non millenials alike. It was awesome and truly worth the wait, just like the magazine itself. Thank you Mega for having Jadine and making their dream shoot come true.



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