#TIMYMovingOn: Some lightness at last!

SPOTTED SI CRUSH. Basti sneaks outside Iris’ window to see how she’s doing. 

After over a week of heartache and heartbreak, TIMY has finally delivered an episode that brought some happy vibes to our IsTi hearts. Yaaassss!!! Thank you Direks Tonette and Andoy for having pity on our poor unfortunate souls.

After the break up, Basti decides to focus on fixing his life. He doesn’t go back to Greece and instead decides to stay with his family in Manila to mend the broken pieces of his heart (poor Basti). Iris, meanwhile, keeps herself busy with multiple rakets to keep herself from dwelling on her heartache. While Basti wants to give Iris the space she needs, he couldn’t keep himself from wanting to catch a glimpse of her and so he follows her around in secret. Like an adorable stalker/guardian angel.

One really can’t help but compare TIMY to OTWOL especially when they have episodes like this where Basti stalks Iris like Clark once stalked Leah. However, because TIMY managed to establish Basti as a separate character from his predecessor, they managed to make Basti’s stalking a unique viewing experience for the viewer. So good job Team TIMY.

THE BOY IN THE RAIN. Look at that smile with just a glimpse at girl that he loves. Is that really Basti or is that James already. No acting required. 

I often praise Nadine for her comedic timing but James is no laggard when it comes to comedy. The fact that he is naturally charming and gorgeous is just an added bonus. He was so fun to watch when he was trying not to get caught following Iris, and his earnestness and happiness in catching just a glimpse of his love was so endearing. It felt like watching a teenager trying to sneak in a peek of his crush. My IsTi heart was pleased to no end. And Basti was so yayamamin! P500 for an umbrella?  Can I sell you mine instead?

She brings a smile to our faces effortlessly. That’s our Baby Girl.

Nadine, for her part, flourishes in comedy and this episode served up the lightness that we all deserved, finally. I was just about to raise the issue as to why the show kept on making her cry when her strength was most definitely comedy but I  sort of get what the show is trying to accomplish for her character. Not that we’re complaining. Direk Tonette has done a marvelous job guiding Nadine and we have noticed that her approach to drama has matured in these last episodes. We also noticed that she cries more naturally now. Girl always leaves us a mess after a major crying scene.

While there was no direct interaction between Iris and Basti, just the idea that they were standing feet apart from each other made our hearts go a flutter. It made us hopeful — like a glimpse of sunshine after a long and heavy downpour. See? The good vibes from this episode has made a poet out of me.

I also liked the developments in Basti’s family. Bugoy Carino (Joma) is beginning to be groomed as Basti’s Team Raks not Dead 2.0 and its pretty cool how his character has begun to idolize Basti. The kids were also cute. I just hope they don’t ship their Kuya Basti to any other girl than their soon to be Ate Iris. I like that Basti is bringing out the best in everyone and that he’s finally getting that sense of family that he’s been missing all this time. I think this will help him grow as a person even more.

I appreciated the progress in Ali and Sir Dad’s relationship but while father and son have grown closer, I get a real sense of foreboding about Ali finally telling his dad the truth. I have a feeling that things will not go as simply as he had hoped and that something heavy will happen. I’m glad Ali will get his moment again because he’s been in the sidelines lately as the focus shifted to Iris and Basti. Besides, as we have learned in this show, nothing is what  it seems so I’m pretty sure that the more optimistic the character, the more challenging his future will be (case in point, Basti)

Anyways, the Abangan promises the birth of IsTi 2.0 where Basti, Iris and Ali will work together again. Sure, this sounds familiar because it all happened before. But I am hopeful that this will not be just a repeat of what happened in Greece. I am hopeful that love will be sweeter the second time around for Basti and Iris and that they would not repeat the same mistakes they made in the past. And the return of Jay Manalo, we’re pretty sure, is just around the corner. I wonder what type of fit Cass would throw when she learns that Iris is thinking about reaching out to her dad and what leverage she would use against yet another ex. The plot thickens anew and we can’t wait for Monday.


PS: Screenshots grabbed from @OfficialJadine twitter. 🙂


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