#TIMYLettingGo: That almost heartbreak

Advisory: Tonight’s episode recap/review is a true testament to multi tasking. While doing this, we’re monitoring as @hellobangsie rallies the fans on twitter to get to the bottom of the IG hacking and blocking issue. So far, aside from FC accounts, Viva, Inside Showbiz and Metro Magazine accounts have been blocked too shortly after the release of the Metro Jadine covers for October. Tsk tsk.

iris-panicbasti-windowYou know that feeling when you’ve been dreading something, preparing for the worst but then it doesn’t actually happen when you expect it to, and instead it has only been postponed to prolong the agony? You get it right? Because that was precisely what happened in this episode and boy was it a doozy.

After Iris and Basti broke up for the second time, Basti packs his bags to go to Manila to work things out with Iris. As Iris’ family and financial problems continue, it strengthens her resolve to push Basti to the back of her mind and focus on her family first, but Basti, wanting to fix things with Iris at the soonest time to save their relationship makes a move to see her, hopeful that she still loves him and that she wants to work things out as well.

Tonight was a pretty strong episode for me that showcased James and Nadine’s natural chemistry even with the looming heartbreak promised by the hashtag. Despite waiting for that one moment on the Abangan, I still enjoyed Basti being Basti, all carefree and impulsive, and full of life, qualities that drew me to his character in the first place. Even Iris was true to form as sungit, but with a soft spot for Basti. While her face showed frustration, her words belied her expression when she asked about how Basti was doing. That effectively doused claims that she was being cold and unfeeling.

I liked the hide and seek scene. It was so light and wonderful that it only served to remind us what looms around the corner for these poor unfortunate souls who got caught in the middle of their parents’ drama. Whenever Basti smiled with such optimism, I wanted to smack Cass and Val (yes Val, who because of her own insecurity talked Nestor out of talking with Cass to make peace so that their children won’t be affected by their shared history) because I knew that despite all of his positivity, he is headed for rejection.

Speaking of rejection, I could hardly keep track of the number of break ups Basti and Iris has had since Greece. How long will these break ups go on because seriously, its beginning to hurt — a lot. Please leave us with the strength to get through the next couple of months for TIMY.

I felt bad for Ali, who served as the conduit between his two friends. He willingly became the go between for his friends despite his own feelings for Basti because he loved them both. That’s a true friend right there. And it must hurt a ton.

And what about that prolonged rendition of To Love Again by Daryl Ong?  Its been a week of non stop heavy episodes and tomorrow promises to be a continuation of this heartache. After the final break up scene tomorrow, I hope that something hopeful will come out of all this pain.


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