#TIMYAmend: Caught between a rock and a hard place

jebsSIDEBAR: I received a lot of feedback on our IG (which has been suspended just now due to unclear reasons) about our post yesterday asking TEAM TIMY to steer the story away from OTWOL parallels, and I was really psyched to see different opinions about the similarities of the two teleseryes.

I think its a mark of a great show that people are so engaged as they feel the need to share opinions and feelings about the show way after the episode is over. And by the flow of these conversations, TIMY is making its mark on its viewers in a good way.

Tonight’s episode was all about giving chances and making tough choices for Ali, Basti and Iris. I must say that it wasn’t an easy episode because there were a lot of emotions involved tonight but it did succeed in moving the story forward in a big way.

After Zoe was hospitalized, the doctor informed the family that her condition needs to be managed more closely, but that meant that there would be a need for more medicines and more frequent tests and hospital visits to make sure that her condition will not deteriorate. This also meant that Iris would need to find stable work at the soonest time possible to help with the expenses. On top of this, Cass remained adamant in her opposition to Basti, leaving Iris with no choice but to end things with him once and for all so she would not add to her mother’s heartaches.

Basti, resolute that he will not let Iris go, decides to pack his bags and leave for Manila on a one way flight, while Ali tries to bond with his dad to find the perfect timing to tell him that he is gay.

After the explosive breakup scene last Friday which up until now I could not move on from, I was glad for this episode when Basti and Iris have somehow calmed down from their heated emotions enough to talk, even on the phone. The result was not exactly what I was praying for but its a start. From now on, anything is possible.

Its good that this episode managed to show both sides of Basti and Iris’ pain which gave viewers some insight and perspective as to what motivated the decisions made by these two star crossed lovers. For Iris, her mother’s disapproval of Basti and the fact that the family was reeling from Zoe’s illness put her issues with Basti in the backburner because at the core of her being, she has always been a good daughter and sister.

I wasn’t surprised at her choice at all but felt sad because I understood her pain. When she explained what she intended to do at the rooftop before everything went downhill, there was a better sense of understanding of the girl who was caught in between her love for her mother and the love of her life. It was not an easy choice but the girl deserved credit for not whining about her pain and instead pushing forward with the courage and bravery that endeared her to Basti in the first place.

Basti on the other hand, displayed his resolve in wanting to win back Iris. He’s basically a go getter and a doer so his choice to uproot himself from Greece to follow his heart in Manila was a positive sign that he was so certain about Iris and how he felt about her.

Of course, a reconciliation won’t come easy and there are bound to be more tears along the course of IsTi’s ship but I feel like as long as they are in love with each other, there will be hope. They will come around at the perfect time (but I think that Nestor would need to step up and have closure with Cass before anybody has a chance to move on). Fearless forecast: Pending reconciliation, Nestor and Val could well be Basti, Iris and Ali’s first clients for their business.

Speaking of Ali, I think that the episode title was a perfect way to describe his conversation with his Sir Dad, who felt badly over being an absentee father to Ali when he was a child. When Robert Sena and JC Santos, two great theater actors talked straight to each other, the longing and the sadness in their eyes were so clearly communicated that viewers want to give both men a hug. I felt Ali’s frustration and fear  of losing his relationship with his dad, but more on the frustration because yet again, he was forced to hide the real him from his father. And JC’s subtle change in his facial expression whenever Basti would ask him about Iris. Ouch. Shaket besh.

Tomorrow promises to be an exciting episode because Basti will once again throw caution to the wind to pursue Iris anew. Because of Iris’ stubbornness, its bound to be difficult and the one thing we are hoping is for Cass to change her mind about Basti and want to see her daughter happy.

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