#TIMYFightForLove: Enough with OTWOL parallels, please

iris2After last Friday’s episode, I wasn’t holding out too much for a swift resolution today. While the airport represented some hope, I had a feeling that it was going to be pretty much too late the hero and I was right. And while I was prepared to have my heart broken again tonight, I was caught by the intensity of the hurt because on all counts, I didn’t think that Iris and Basti deserved to be trapped in the middle of their parents’ drama.

As Basti and Iris fail to resolve their differences, Ali and Iris set out to return to Manila with their parents. Basti, still holding on to his pride and Iris, who wants to shield her mom from more hurt by sacrificing her own feelings, still haven’t talked even at Ali’s persistent prodding. When they do realize their mistake though, its too late and before they know it, they’re thousands of miles apart and forced to deal with other aspects of their lives.

I must say that this episode, like the one before it, was very frustrating to watch mostly because of Cass. I felt like she was too old to be as narrow minded and unfeeling as she was towards her own daughter, who has done nothing in her life but be filial to her. I wanted to smack her silly when she had the gall to ask Iris if she was okay.

It seemed like she was dismissing Iris’ heartbreak as inconsequencial because her relationship with Basti was still new. She was merely expecting her daughter to move on without mourning the loss of her love. But what should I expect, when she has been the queen of sweeping things under a rug, keeping her bitterness for decades and airing them out in one go regardless of all the people around her that she hurt. What a piece of work.

On the one hand, I was glad that at least there was Lolo Soc who offered some sensible advice to his granddaughter. And in this scene, it became even more obvious how lost and inexperienced Iris was in terms of relationships. It felt like she was waiting for her granddad to validate the rightness of her decision and it was so sad to watch her ask him what to do straight out. While for the rest of us, Lolo Soc’s advice made a ton of sense, I felt like it confused Iris even more because she was looking for a specific answer to her dilemma.

Sa pag ibig, walang tama o mali. Ang meron lang wagi o sawi- words of wisdom from Lolo Soc

My heart broke for Iris many times in this episode. While she was stifling her tears in the women’s room, when she tried to smile and shrug off her hurt when she talked about Basti, when her virtues as a good daughter was extolled by her mother as if to say she did the right thing in forgetting about Basti. Again, Cass. Way to dig the knife deeper into your daughter’s fragile heart. Cass might claim to only want what’s best for her daughter but at the end of the day, its more of her selfishness and blind rage that motivates her.

People tend to blame Iris for the breakup with Basti but they forget that Iris too, is ill equipped to deal with these emotional dilemma, first because she’s still fragile from her first heartbreak, and second because she clearly has no idea what to do. Basti is the same way and I feel a sense of injustice for what they are being forced to endure. At least Basti has Tita V and his dad (who has matured considerably since his playboy ways) to support him and give him sound advice but on Iris’ end, she seems doomed because the main influence in her life continues on her hard hearted ways. That emotional block will keep her from making things right with Basti because her mom has guilted her with such mastery.

While I appreciate that tonight’s airport scene yielded a different result than OTWOL, I wish the show would stop making direct parallels to On the Wings of Love because it negates the strengths that TIMY is building on.

Till I Met You is a different show from OTWOL and it deserves to be recognized for its own strengths. From the beginning, there has been constant reminders that TIMY is not OTWOL but I don’t get why there are so many parallels being borrowed from the earlier show if they wanted to establish itself as a separate series.

I fear that if this continues, people (fans and non fans alike) will have trouble judging TIMY based on its own merits and simply dismiss it as OTWOL 2.0, losing the steam of its messaging in the process.

OTWOL was a phenomenon because it had a clear direction on what it wanted to do from the beginning while TIMY is basically an experiment in people’s reception on a controversial topic. While in the heart of both series is the strength of a core message and Jadine magic, I don’t think its fair to pit Cleah against IsTi which is what is happening because of these parallels ( airport, sick scene, even the background music). Even though its not the intent, there will be a direct comparison of the two ships because people are rooting for Jadine. And when they compare, the tendency is for one ship to come out as the loser. Instead of building both pairs as iconic ships in the history of primetime, one ship is suffering as it lives in the shadow of another and its never healthy for the characters or for either show.

I feel that these references to OTWOL is an attempt to hook the OTWOL audience to TIMY by serving them something that’s familiar. But it shouldn’t be the case because if its just randomly going to pick up stuff from the OTWOL playbook, then its not going to be the out of the box show it set out to be and the strong beginning will only be for naught.

All in all, tonight’s episode was pretty solid. Not entirely original but solid. I know there are still a lot of stories left to explore and I’m curious to see how Basti will fare in Manila. Hopefully, it doesn’t go the way of Clark’s panunuyo with Leah because that’s been done before. I apologize if I am drawing conclusions or jumping the gun but I do believe that the show listens to the pulse of its audience. Just, please, enough with OTWOL parallels and let TIMY’s own journey unfold. Surprise us with something only this show can dish out. We’re Reidy.


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