#TIMYGoGetHer: Past hurts resurrected, repeated

Is this going to be a weekly event? Heartbreak, I mean because this feeling seems familiar. In the space of one week, Basti and Iris were able to settle their differences and come to terms with the way they feel about each other in order  finally take a plunge into a relationship. And now just two days after they committed to each other, they have broken up. My heart is still pounding from sadness.

james-nads2james-nadsAfter Cass stresses her adamant position for Iris to drop Basti, Iris and Ali hatch a plan to sneak in some Basti and Iris time on the rooftop to talk. They successfully sidestep the parents who are on the lookout but while Basti, fresh from his talk with his dad, is willing to  fight for their love, Iris begins to have second thoughts about how well they know each other (based on her mom’s repeated warnings) leading to an argument, which eventually led to a discussion of their parents’ past, words thrown in anger and an eventual break up. Ali tries to work things out but he has his own troubles to think about. Val meanwhile, is finally able to explain her side of the story and while Agnes has softened enough to understand and forgive her, Cass is unwilling to do the same, holding on to her grudge against Nestor and her friend in the process.

Forget about any lightness in this episode, because aside  from that Mission Impossible themed operation get Basti and Iris to the rooftop, everything about this episode was depressing. Yet, I wanted to give every member of the cast  for pulling their weight.

Carmina maintained that ice cold demeanor as the unbending Cass, who not only successfully manged to feed doubt in Iris’ mind, causing the eventual split, but she also managed to become the veritable dark cloud in Nestor and Val’s relationship. I hope that her disapproval does not ruin Nestor and Val’s relationship because that would be so wrong.

cassiris.jpgWhen Cass opened the door to a heartbroken Iris and told her everything was going to be okay because they were going home, I wanted to  strangle her for inflicting an unnecessary hurt on her daughter which could have been avoided if only she kept an open mind and not prejudged Basti because of his parent. Shame on you Cass.  It seemed like because she was miserable, she wanted everyone to be miserable along with her when in fact, she should have made an effort to move on, just like everybody else  in the story. Please give Cass a cup of 711 City Blends para mahimasmasan.

And what about Ali and Agnes? This mother and son tandem has truly proven that the apple does not far from the tree as Ali showed the same selflessness, broadmindedness and compassion for his friends as his mother who did the same for her friends. Both Agnes and Ali were caught in the middle of conflict and yet continue to do their best to get everyone to make peace. #friendshipgoals.

But the shining moment for the night was actually the most heartbreaking too as Iris and Basti’s heated exchange of words, flawlessly delivered with passion and emotion that belied Nadine and James’ years finally ended the joy that we felt two days ago after the Rooftop Kiss.

The words all hit their marks like daggers to a target when they both talked about their mothers. In one fell swoop , the happy memories on the rooftop was replaced by pain and heartbreak by the staircase. This, despite the fact that they both said that they were not supposed to be caught in their parents’ drama. Oh sweet irony.

Still, at the first hint of criticism towards their families, all hell broke loose and the mood switched from uncertain, to panicked to beast mode in the space of a heartbeat. And it just got worse and worse until there was no coming back from that.

When they yelled at each other on the stairway, every hurtful syllable was felt and it seemed like the words were being wrenched from James’ gut. When Nadine cried like a baby in front of her mom, my heart shattered into millions of tiny little pieces. I feel bad for her because like before, she is made to make a choice between two people whom she loved and the choice is always the same (She gave up Basti when she learned that Ali was hurting and now she is forced to give up Basti again because she doesn’t want to hurt her mom). If anyone wanted to talk about unfair, how about dealing with that baggage?

bastisleepirissleepAnd what about their pride  in letting their fight fester and not making the first move? While I got that Basti didn’t want to make the first move because that seemed to be his MO, I also thought that Iris should have done her part and not simply waited for Basti to call or text. Girl, it’s the new millennium. Get with the program. At that point and that point alone did I finally give up any hope that they will sort out their differences before the weekend.

At many points of the episode, I was Ali, frustrated and helpless to mend the hurt being felt by two people who clearly belonged together, no matter what anybody thought.

While that airport scene looks promising for IsTI, I have learned (more than the many relationship lessons this series has provided) not to keep my hopes up, especially when Daryl Ong begins to sing his song from the soundtrack.

All in all, it was one solid installment but I felt like an emotional wreck after this episode. I seriously need to regroup. Its true that when you love this deeply, you hurt just as much. See you guys on Monday. Ang shaket mga bes

  • Screengrabs courtesy of Official Jadine twitter. Thank you 😀



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