#TIMYTheUnexpected: Parallels, deja vu, and the ghosts of relationships past

The episode title is on point. #TIMYTheUnexpected truly delivered unexpected twists to what we expected as a predictable reunion among Agnes, Cass, Val and Nestor. So much so that when this episode started, I was really angry at Nestor’s character but at the end, it was Cassandra that I wanted to strangle.

basti-irisOn the day of Ali and Iris’s graduation, their parents show up to surprise them, just in time for Basti’s scheduled meeting with his dad and Tita V. But fate has a way of playing tricks on the most unsuspecting people and everybody gets the surprise of their lives when their paths cross and it is revealed that Val and Nestor are about to get married. Cass and Iris have a heart to heart while Nestor and Basti finally have their own go at a man to man talk. But now that the past has reared its ugly head, past conflicts threaten the present and Basti and Iris are caught in the middle of their parents’ shared history.

Tonight’s episode was all about parallels and it was frustrating as heck. While the expected villain of the piece was Nestor (because he caused all of the trouble in his youth), when he actually walked in to greet everybody, I actually felt sorry for him because he really thought that everyone has already moved past their not so great history.

It turned out that it was actually Val who was to blame for keeping secrets (because she was the person who apparently knew everything). Still, I couldn’t really get mad at Val because I understood her fear, seeing as she witnessed the strength of Cass and Nestor’s love way back in their younger days, plus Angel Aquino’s desperation when she called out to everybody just as they were about to leave her, (and the way she clung to Basti for support) was superb acting. When everyone left her except for Basti and with her acknowledgement of her fault, my heart broke for her because her fear was paralyzing her from completely and safely basking in the love of the man of her dreams.

basti-eyesWhen Basti found out that Cass was the woman that his father loved above all others, I was really worried that he would simply give up on Iris because it was firmly established how much his mother meant to him . Good thing his dad was able to get past his rage and force him to talk once and for all.

I think that this was a positive development in the relationship of father and son. Nestor’s honesty with Basti underscored his sincerity in wanting to mend the gap between them. It seemed that they were really making headway in understanding each other.

I now have a better appreciation for Nestor for being mature enough to encourage his son to pursue his own happiness. The problem is now that Cass has adamantly stated her position on the IsTi relationship and she’s clearly not a shipper, it seems that Iris, being a novice in the romance department and a good daughter, may fall into Cass’ expertly laid guilt trap.

Despite the headway gained by Nestor and Basti, Cass and Iris’ end was so screwed up because of Cassandra’s logic. Of all the characters, tonight proved that Cassandra, despite having raised three children on her own, was the most stunted in terms of emotional growth. For all those years, she held on to her guilt and bitterness and has now become as close minded as her own mother. I didn’t feel like it was the right advice to give Iris to simply drop Basti because he was Nestor’s son. She only met the guy for two minutes, after all. And to hold on to all that hurt despite all the years that has passed seemed kind of petty and immature, much like the advice she’s giving her grown daughter. I got the initial reaction of hurt and betrayal for Val because her friend kept secrets but to still blame Nestor for the death of her mother was kind of stretching it.

I liked how tonight fleshed out Nestor and Cass’ side of the story to put everything in perspective and reveal what role each character played in their complicated love story.

Clearly, it showed the parallels and differences in the love story of Iris and Basti, especially with Cass guilt tripping Iris into adhering to her wishes by using the grandma card. I believe it was unfair because her guilt was the result of her own choices and had nothing to do with Iris. And yet, some of the viewers will understand her paranoia because of her motherly concern to protect Iris from ending up like her.

On my part, I felt like the way she repeated her wish for Iris to break up with Basti and love anyone but Basti was annoying and alarming because there was a very good chance that Iris would obey her.

This episode had me on my toes the entire time, so worried was I that the foundations of IsTi’s relationship would not be strong enough to withstand an emotional toll like this one but kudos to the way that the layers of revelations was handled. The pacing and transitions were awesome and the acting was across the board effectively delivered. And who would’ve thought that Nestor would have evolved into a responsible, mature and successful adult while it was Cass who remained trapped in the past and unable to move forward.

This episode was all about parallels and the fear of history repeating itself. Dealing with another conflict so fresh after resolving their own issues seems a bit harsh for Basti and Iris but although I worry, I can’t wait to see how this all unravels. Are Iris and Basti headed the way of star crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet? Quite possibly yes, but I have high hopes their ending will be happy. Fingers crossed.

PS: Favorite moments:

Tita V begging for forgiveness. Desperation personified because you know she doesn’t mean for anyone to get hurt.

Basti blowing up at his dad in the comfort room. Those eyes. That hurt.

Nestor putting his foot down. Yes, Nestor. The determined way he asked his son to have the long overdue talk — He’s such a dad.

Cass and Iris heart to heart. I admit, I hated Cass’ advice but Mina’s hurt was real, and Iris’ gentle presence was a comfort in itself.





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