#TIMYTheRooftopKiss: About that kiss…

Ever since TIMY advertised The Rooftop Kiss, I have been hoping that Iris will finally get her dug dug moment with Basti, seeing as Basti has been nothing but sincere and vocal about his feelings for her. I felt that he deserved the same from Iris, then guess what? My wish was granted tonight, when after much pussyfooting, our girl finally took the plunge and gave her heart to the prince of a guy patiently waiting for his princess at the rooftop.

rooftop-kissAfter Basti challenges Iris to be brave and fight for their love, he spends days waiting for her at the rooftop every sunset, waiting, waiting until finally Iris, with the blessing and encouragement of her best friend Ali decides to just follow her heart. After being hurt before, she has become more cautious in falling for anyone but when she decided to give her relationship with Basti a chance, she was already sure that she loved him. When they kissed, it further solidified her belief that he’s the one destined for her. And as Basti’s heartbeat echoed hers, the road to happily ever after seems to be set. Even Ali seems to be on board the SS IsTi . But because their parents’ histories are intertwined, Nestor’s presence is bound to cause problems with both the past and the present.

Let’s talk about that kiss. After OTWOL, JaDines already know what to expect from James and Nadine when it comes to romantic scenes. They never fail to deliver. Just looking at each other’s eyes with just a hint of a smile and we are all ready to melt into puddles, so strong is the chemistry of these two. Tonight, there was an equal balance of cheesy dialogue with heartwarming ones and the words just rang so true because they were being spoken by real life lovers.

Before, they were an item, they were effective, tonight they were explosive, and these kisses were not even torrid ones, but sweet butterfly kisses so filled with passion that one is simply left with a wave of happiness after. While serving up the romance, Basti and Iris were also able to talk about the challenges that they faced and committed to each other to face the challenges ahead fully and together (let’s just hope that no backpedalling happens when the past reveals itself). Basti’s vows to Iris and the subsequent gifting of the ring, we bet, is foreshadowing of their future (wedding bells anyone?).  Personally though, I would like to see this relationship develop even further before they get married. Call me paranoid, but I think Basti’s decision to give up his carefree ways may one day become an issue with him and Iris.

I love the dynamics between JaDine and JC. On screen, Ali has well and truly been friend-zoned by Basti and I loved the banter when Ali called him out for it (then Basti suddenly pulled his Iris’ head closer to his as if saying, I’m taken *heart melt*). He speaks of his love for Iris so casually, and it comes through so naturally because of that constant grin on his face. James/Basti, you are adorable. On screen Ali is IsTi-zoned (third wheel, baby) and in real life, more often than not, he is Jadine-zoned. Not that this is an issue because almost everybody has experienced the phenomenon. Perhaps, this is why everything feels so organic and adds only to make the scenes more convincing. A good working relationship on set does fuel better performances from these actors.

But after serving up the good vibes, this bipolar show threatens to take the happiness away as it sets up for the conflict of Val, Cass, Agnes and Nestor. Not to mention Agnes’ plan to tell her husband the truth about Ali. At times tonight, I felt that I was just holding my breath, alternately from kilig, happiness and a sense of doom with the arrival of Nestor. Sorry Zoren, I love you but I’m not a big fan of your character right now.

All in all, tonight’s episode accomplished its mission to make the audience fall in love with and along with Basti and Iris, as well cement the status of their friendship with Ali. It also set up the next phase of the series by introducing the past to the present, and the road promises to be bumpy. Friendships are bound to be put to the test in the coming days, for sure.

PS. And don’t think we missed the parallels to OTWOL’s Prom Scene, as well as DNP where Cross calls Eya Panget and she calls him Sungit. This time around, Iris and Basti refer to each other in reverse. But Iris, you have convinced us tonight that you have bad eyesight when you called Basti Panget. Sino na lang ang pogi kung panget sya? 

PPS. Congrats to the entire fandom for reaching 1.6 million+ tweets as of 10:30 pm. Our twitter game is strong tonight. Let’s keep it up, guys!


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