#TIMYConcerned: Love hurts but best friends are forever

Love hurts. That much is a fact. And with the complicated love triangle that surrounds the friendship of Ali, Basti and Iris, someone is bound to get hurt.  That’s just a given.

bffAfter Iris and Basti come to terms with their feelings for each other sans official relationship, Ali realizes that his feelings for Basti are still very well alive even after he has tried to step aside to see his friends happy. Iris, being the kind of best friend that she is could not stand to see her bestie hurt and asks Basti to stop pursuing her. Basti initially agrees but realizes what’s at stake. He puts his foot down and lays all his cards on the table. He will not give up and the ball is now in Iris’ court.

concernedThe episode started strong with a lot of sweet moments between Basti and Iris when he takes care of her while she is down with the flu. Basti’s concern and care for his lady love would surely win the heart of any girl and it seems that Iris is not immune to his charms anyhow. Plus, they seem to have developed an ease around each other that belied Iris’ claims that there’s nothing going on between them. The chemistry is real and Ali felt it too. The picture taking scene was so familiar from the trio’s first meeting which was a bittersweet parallel because now it was Ali who was the third wheel instead of Iris.

While I loved seeing Jadine make a cameo (Ali was most definitely Jadine-zoned in the date scene), it felt a bit abrupt to see Basti and Iris instantly super close with each other when just yesterday, they were so awkward after Basti came clean about his feelings. I loved the scene where Basti made a face after Iris asked him to stop pursuing their relationship. He looked like a petulant little boy, but adorable while he was at it. His face conveyed all of his displeasure over Iris’ decision that he did not dare immediately oppose.

I want you to be happy – Ali to Iris

Ali, poor Ali. My heart broke for him in the same way that my heart broke for Iris when she admitted that she was hurting before. And in typical BFF fashion, Ali and Iris always put each other first, no matter how much they were hurting inside. These two are friendship goals. When Iris said that she was willing to get her heart broken if it meant that she will not see her friend hurt, or when Ali gave her his blessing to be with Basti because he would hurt more if she was sad, my heart melted. Again #friendshipgoals guys!

Basti sets up a romantic picnic and waits for her at the rooftop every night until she comes to her senses and accepts his love. *swoon*

As for Basti, poor Basti. Set aside again, with no one paying mind to how he felt about this entire mess. He never asked for Ali to fall in love with him and yet here he was, being forced to give up the girl that he loved because she didn’t feel it was right. I wanted to give him a standing ovation when, instead of drowning his sorrows in alcohol, he manned up and gave Iris an ultimatum. He risked it all because he believed that she returned his feelings too. It was a gamble that had him waiting for nothing for days but a risk that paid off in the end.

I will wait a lifetime… and that lifetime starts now. I will wait for you at the rooftop every sunset.. This love is real — Basti to Iris

I really thought that the Rooftop Kiss was going to happen already but we still have to wait some more for it to happen. I’m pretty sure a lot of Jadines are happy but I’ve come to realize that while this show serves up the kilig, it is so much more and I’m happy for all the layers that this story is building to flesh out the story.

I had a bit of an issue with the timeline and felt like it got a bit screwed up (I was under the impression that they were headed home soon after they arrived from Athens). As it turned out,  Ali and Iris’ graduation was still a long way off because Cass and Agnes were only just about to apply for a Greek Visa. Plus with Nestor and Val already packed and ready to go in their last sequence, it was just weird that they have not yet arrived to Athens yet. This actually threw off the impact of all these developments in the tripod love story because it meant that a) everything happened within a span of days or b) it negated Basti’s period of waiting since everything happened so quickly. There is something to be said of promising to wait forever and actually doing a lot of waiting to keep that promise.

I liked tonight’s episode but felt like it was more of a transition episode to herald the arrival of the folks tomorrow and while the Rooftop Kiss would likely be the main draw of the night, I expect that Nestor’s arrival will mean that IsTi’s relationship will be tested so soon after it began. And what of Ali’s issue with his dad? Oh this promises to be complicated.



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