#TIMYUnfriend: We all need an Ali in our lives

irisweddingsungitbastiYou’ll never know how much something means until you (almost) lose it.

Does this phrase sound familiar? Well, this quote means something to this fandom. This was how James Reid realized how important Nadine was to him after they had an argument and barely spoke to each other for five days (in real life). Of course, this was the beginning of their love story and we can only hope that their on screen counterparts will take a page from their book.

Tonight’s episode was art imitating life. Iris Duico finally got a taste of her own medicine when Basti once and for all puts his foot down and ignored her like a plague.

After realizing the error of her ways, Iris tries to make peace with Basti but Basti has had enough of being hurt by the woman that he loves. He decides to part ways with Ali and Iris upon their return to Athens. Ali, not wanting their friendship to go to waste, talks to Basti and the two bros share their heartbreak over bottles of beer, all while Iris tries to figure out how to get back to Basti’s good graces, especially after she (finally) realizes how Basti has been silently showing her how much he loved her all this time.

Let me just say — we all need an Ali in our lives. The type of friend who will call us on our bullsh*t, the one who will listen to our worries and our hurt, the one who will sacrifice his own happiness to see us happy. I felt his pain and it was as real as it gets. And his resignation to the fact that Basti will not love him the way he loves his bro, it was so courageous. When he gave his blessing to his bro to ignore their pact and just go for it, this guy deserved a medal. Best. Friend. Ever.

Let me just say — we all need an Ali in our lives.

Ali rose to the occasion tonight and showed how much of a good friend he was by being Basti’s shoulder to cry on when he needed one, setting aside his own feelings while the man he loved confessed his love for his best friend. He was there to be Iris’ conscience, reminding her that she was being unfair to Basti (who actually did nothing but protect them as soon as they stepped into Greece).

As if that wasn’t enough, he expressed willingness to support his two friends who had the potential to find love in one another. Ali, tonight, this fandom pledges to help you find your true love. We shall not rest until your character is happy.

Ali was super effective because he was portrayed by the talented JC Santos. I just love his natural rapport with James and Nadine. Perhaps, its because they are now more familiar with each other that the banter becomes more natural or maybe their good vibes and positive relationship just spills over to the screen . JC killed it tonight on all points.

I liked how the flashbacks underscored Iris’ realization and acknowledgement of her wrongful assumptions about Basti and her efforts to get noticed by him no matter how pathetic.

I had a ball seeing her chase after him for a change and felt that she at least deserved it for being so hard on Basti all this time. However, when Basti deliberately ignored her, I must admit I felt hurt for her as well. Seeing Basti’s struggle to deliberately hurt the woman that he loved was so sad. But why is it that even though they were playing hard to get with each other, I still felt a strong spark between the characters? Hay JaDine, you will be the end of me.

On the flipside, I appreciated the irony that Basti who had his own daddy issues was instrumental in the reconciliation between a father who was estranged from his son. Nestor’s genuine excitement over the chance his son is giving to him to repair their damaged relationship was also something to smile about tonight, but we all know from that Abangan that the joy will be short lived.

I really wanted them to end the week on a happy note but as expected, we were again left hanging with a teaser that hinted at something positive that is bound to be ruined by yet another challenge when the grown ups finally cross paths. Can we fast forward to Monday yet?



2 thoughts on “#TIMYUnfriend: We all need an Ali in our lives

    1. I felt the exact same way. I was so sad for the three of them and while my heart was bleeding for both Iris and Basti, I also understood why Iris was building walls against Basti. Their journey has so far been difficult.

      Thanks for reading!


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