TIMY’s new timeslot: Third slot’s the charmed

timy-new-timeslotSo, Dreamscape just announced via Twitter that starting Monday, September 19,  Till I Met You will be moved back to its OTWOL timeslot of 9:30 pm to make way for Jericho Rosales and Arci Muñoz’s Magpahanggang Wakas.

Understandably, some fans were not pleased with this development because the move up to the second slot was considered as a primetime promotion. Many speculated that ratings were the culprit  behind this management decision.

I, for one, was a bit disappointed to learn about the slide back, mainly because I really believe in the potential of this show to change the face of primetime soaps. Besides, it hasn’t been a month since TIMY premiered and now, this. I think the show should have been given more time to find its footing in the second slot before any major changes but that’s just me.

On the flipside , I do think that this will be a blessing in disguise for TIMY for the following reasons:

  1. Because JaDine and Jadines rule the third slot. OTWOL made waves in the third slot and Jadine were relative newbies in the primetime arena then. I have complete faith that Jadaodine will dominate this timeslot again like it did before.
  2. JaDine thrives on a challenge. Everything that has been thrown at James and Nadine are basically experiments. DNP was an experiment, OTWOL was an experiment, and TIMY is the same. Its because this reel and real life couple are up for anything and are unafraid to test their boundaries and their growth as actors.Whereas before, they were only known for their sizzling chemistry on screen, they have become serious actors since. Now with JC as part of the trio, I have no doubt that they will rise to this new test to their strength and marketability as lead stars.
  3. Jadines caught in traffic can finally catch up. Yes, dear Jadines have really been complaining that the horrible traffic makes them miss TIMY at 8:30 pm, making them rely on iwantv instead. This gives them another hour to make it for the regular run. Welcome back to the twitter party guys!
  4. New TIMYllenials. TIMY’s run on the second slot was decidedly short but definitely sweet. A lot has happened in three weeks — so much more than what other seryes have accomplished in months and it hit the mark not just to Jadine fans but to casual viewers as well. I hope this was a strong enough impression to carry over these eyeballs to the third slot.
  5. No limitations. Because the third slot is typically reserved for a more mature audience, TIMY can explore the story further and delve deeper into the core of the issues it has presented, especially for Ali’s character. Remember, that while he already came clean to his mom and to his friends, there’s still the issue of his dad, as well as his love story that need to be explored, because TIMY is rooted in reality. That’s just how this team rolls. And what of Basti and Iris? They have already delivered level 10 performances in the first three weeks. I doubt that they would proceed with anything less in the next few months.

Dreamscape has expressed confidence that this show will fare well whichever timeslot it occupies, and I agree. Let’s not take this as an affront to our fandom because technically, the second slot is reserved for Star Creatives.

Also, this is not the first time that a show from second slot was moved to the third slot to encourage its supporters/fans to also watch the new show that is sandwiched in between the first and third slots. Its just a basic marketing strategy. It was a typical practice for ABS-CBN even before the introduction of Dreamscape productions so lets think positive and believe this move is actually going to be good for Team TIMY.

Tiwala lang and continue supporting this show because this quality teleserye deserves all our love and attention. Go? Push!!!!Lets do this fan-mily. Let’s challenge convention,  smash records and rule the third slot. Game!


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