#TIMYChance: Basti’s big confession



It seriously takes a lot for me to be this speechless but that episode just pulled the carpet right from under me. I was floored. (Okay enough about these flooring references) But on the other hand, you know that it was a good episode because I couldn’t get on my laptop fast enough to type the opening bars of this recap. OMG…

Okay, now that its finally out of my system, let me just say that Direk Tonette’s tweet a few minutes before the airing of this episode was a promise well kept. I’m still hyperventilating over that second to the last scene and that Abangan.


As Ali, Iris and Basti prepare for the Spiros wedding, Iris encourages Basti to make peace with his dad – something which he takes to heart, which should really be indicative of how he values her opinion.  But as the day progresses, Iris notices that the bride is giving off a different vibe to Basti. Iris being Iris, she again jumps to the wrong conclusion and Basti reveals how he still feels about her, pact be damned.

If the first statement in this post is not clear enough, let me just clarify. I LOVED this episode just because it was so unexpected. While there were clues that Basti still loved Iris (going to school, confiding in her, taking her advice about his feud with his dad, the flirty glances) I was still surprised that he would have the nerve to confess AGAIN in front of Ali and with such passion too. Ahhh love!

timyHats off to James for pulling off that scene in a very subtle and very understated way. Yet the intensity of each phrase and the meaning of each word reverberates to each one of the viewers. It was gradual too. When Iris accused him, at first, he seemed he didn’t mind, even asking her to watch the evidence that he did not screw things up. But when Iris adamantly refused to acknowledge his innocence, it was like a dam burst and all the emotions came pouring out. I love Iris but at that moment, I wanted to slap her silly for hurting Basti, whose depth as a person was obvious to everyone except for Iris, whose stubbornness and inflexibility often lands her in the most embarrassing and compromising situations. And this, after they were finally making some headway in their relationship. SMH, Iris, SMH girl. Seriously, that walk out scene plus that quiet moment where he was just at the stairway, emoting – James Reid’s acting skills were on point. Most definitely, he was tonight’s MVP. While the first two weeks showcased Ali and Iris, Week 3 is all about Basti’s layers, and he is not disappointing so far.

James Reid’s acting skills were on point. Most definitely, he was tonight’s MVP. While the first two weeks showcased Ali and Iris, Week 3 is all about Basti’s layers, and he is not disappointing so far.

In fairness to Iris, she was obviously already feeling possessive of Basti to a certain degree, fueling her irrationality. The problem is, she is inexperienced to deal with such emotional turmoil seeing as how she hedged all her bets on a first love that did not quite work out. The problem is she, being the denial queen that she is, did not see that she was already feeling jealous. See ladies, jealousy is called the green eyed monster for a reason, and in this case, it hurt Basti and made a fool out of our uptight lowla. Ali, of course, was caught in the middle of this drama. I’m sure he’s pretty much feeling the same way we are.

It would be interesting to see how Iris will apologize to Basti and start another shift in their relationship, especially now that Basti seemed to have had enough of her drama. But that’s another story for tomorrow.

tripodThe development of the backstory as a looming threat to the present is also shaping up quite nicely. And don’t think we missed Basti’s hint of Iris’ dad’s potential return.

But that’s a problem for another day. For now, I can’t wait to rewatch this episode on iwantv and immerse myself in the feels. And of course, I can’t wait for tomorrow to see how Iris gets out of this mess. Exciting weekender ahead for sure. Iris must do something really big to make up for this major blunder.

PS: Dreamscape just announced that we’re back to the third slot starting Monday, a bit disappointing but quite alright. I believe in the power of TIMYllenials. For sure, we can break records in the third slot anew.



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