Till I Met You: Mind the message, not the stats

IMG_20160830_021452For the past week, I have constantly been updating this blog with episode recaps and reviews. What I initially planned as a weekly post became a daily post, simply because I was surprised by the pace of this teleserye that I felt that anything less than a daily routine will not suffice.

In the first two weeks alone, the show laid out all its cards and explored the dynamics of the friendship of the three main characters, Ali (JC Santos), Basti (James Reid) and Iris (Nadine Lustre) as well as fleshed out their personal dilemmas. In groundbreaking fashion, the show went all in on its second week when the norm was hold out the major revelations until weeks before the ending.

Being a fan of the show (and Jadine), I have also been observing the stats of the first two weeks. While I am far from being an analyst or an expert in these numbers, I understand why some fans are concerned that the stats are lower compared to previous shows which held this timeslot. While I understand where the fans are coming from, I still believe that stats are not the end all and be all that defines a show. Its the message that counts in the long run.

Its true that advertisers use the ratings as a basis for a show’s success, but being consistently in the Top 3 most watched shows in the country is not a bad showing. Besides, aside from the regular ratings, there are other platforms to consider such as streaming via iwantv, youtube, the Till I Met you site, and social media where fans of the show actively discuss elements of the show that they can relate with their daily lives.

On all fronts, Till I Met You, much like On The Wings of Love is an experiment. While Jadine is the main draw of the series, the show is also being used as an avenue to spark real life conversations about real issues affecting real people. Its not on air to simply glorify homosexuality or represent the LGBT, its on the air to promote the message of tolerance and acceptance and its there to champion the idea of love in all forms – romantic, filial, friendship. Its there to inspire people to be unafraid, and to love themselves.

I for one, am actually very impressed with James and Nadine for accepting this project and for believing in its message. While other rising stars may think twice about sharing the spotlight with a relative newcomer (in terms of story and exposure), these two consummate professionals welcomed JC as part of the family and worked together with him to highlight his impeccable skills as an actor — not as a competition for the limelight but as a workmate and as part of the team.

If the show was only concerned about ratings, it would have used Basti and Iris as the hook to get viewers involved but instead, it chose to lead off with Ali’s plight and his dilemma to ensure that the audience understands its priorities. In so doing, even James and Nadine were also challenged into stepping up to showcase their maturity as actors who have come a long way since their breakout serye OTWOL.

But while I sit here to say that ratings are not the only factor to determine the success of the show, we, as fans, should still do our best to make sure that we propel this show to the level of awareness it needs to reach a wider audience.

ENGAGE. Engage others in conversation and encourage casual viewers to give the show a chance. With Ponds sponsoring an unli view of TIMY for the month of September on iwantv, they can easily catch up to see what’s so good about this show. I have, not just once used the friendship card on my buddies to watch the show and got some of them interested in it as well. Word of mouth people, word of mouth.

TWEET. Social media has a lot of power. Advertisers, management all try to get a pulse of their audience by listening to opinions on social media. We have been doing a good job on twitter so far but we can push this even further to underscore our love for TIMY.

DON’T MIND THE BASHERS. Rather than focus your energies on bashers who put the show down because of the ratings, focus on people who have no bias and promote positivity. After all, this show is about love and acceptance, and we need to give out the vibe that we wish to receive.

At the end of the day, ratings matter but its not a reflection of quality. It matters but it shouldn’t be the only basis of a show’s success or failure. But, I for one, will not stop with simply acknowledging what rating represent in an ideal scenario.

I will actively do my best to get this show the attention it deserves so that more viewers will open their minds to its message. I will type every night on my little netbook using my slow internet and I will speak to everyone who wishes to listen why this show is worth watching. That’s a promise. And if we all go that extra mile, this fandom can propel this show to the top of the chain, I have no doubt about it. This is one brave show with a courageous message. Lets help this message get through.




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