#TIMYThePact: Starting over, choosing friendship

pactganernAfter the heartbreaking week that was last week, its good to finally return to form and start over with these three characters, who have, since their experience, grown more mature as they got to know themselves better.

Ali and Iris agree to give each other space, mainly in order for Iris to get rid of her feelings of bitterness against Ali to save their friendship. Ali and Basti, meanwhile also have a heart to heart talk where Basti clears that he has no problem with Ali being gay and that he is willing to be friends with his bro again. They resume their friendship but Iris is a tougher sell. But loyalty seems to be in each of their nature as they pool their efforts together when one of them needs the other two and soon, peace is reached across the board. They agree to work together and be friends but they must leave their feelings for each other behind.

I must say that the tone of this episode was more similar to the beginning, light and hopeful. Even the discussions about what transpired in the previous week was done with a certain level of acceptance.

I liked the fact that the show balances its focus between the romantic angle and the friendship angle and takes into stride the LGBT issue with a natural, liberated approach. There is an openness and an acceptance for Ali as a person and not just because of his gender. He is represented not simply as a gay person but also as an individual — a good son, a good friend and one who loves deeply.

I love this episode because it deals with a different form of love — love for friends. Friends are the family you choose, after all, says the tagline of this series and this episode very much proves that.

Still, the chemistry between Basti and Iris … I was smiling the whole time they were on screen together. Whether it be the banter, or the heart to heart (finally, Iris got to apologize for unfairly taking her anger out on Basti) and Basti — the earnestness in his face is just so endearing that anyone would be heartless to deny him anything. I loved the part when Iris proposed the last item on their pact and the two guys were looking at each other uncertainly. At this point, Iris seemed to be the most emotionally strong among the three, perhaps because she took the time to move forward and know herself better.

All in all, this was a strong episode because it provided closure, but at the same time gave way to opening a new chapter in this tripod’s friendship. Its different from last week, but it consistently delivers on the same message. I, for one, am excited to explore the Basti-Iris dynamic. Santorini scenes are bound to be epic!



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