#TIMYTheConfession: The truth shall set you free

A COMPLICATED TRIANGLE. Basti confesses to Iris at the same time she drops a bombshell about Ali. (screengrab/ABS-CBN/Dreamscape)

After Ali finally tells his best friend Iris that he is gay, Iris, despite having her heart torn out by his devastating admission, decides to embrace his newfound self and help him confess his love for Basti. But Basti, who has a talk with Frank decides to come clean to Iris as well. Once the secrets are out, does their friendship even stand a chance of surviving their complicated love triangle?


Yesterday’s episode was  heavy and intense. It really set the stage for yet another bombshell to be delivered in today’s episode. And it did set things up perfectly to showcase the level of acting these three young lead actors have.

I loved the scene where Ali was begging Iris to listen to his side of the story, the pain in his voice as he realizes how much he hurt the one constant person in his life — it felt like a living thing. JC’s range of technique was very much evident in this episode. The slight change in his nuances and his manner of speech was very subtle but very effective. Its like somebody flipped a switch and he’s become a whole different character, and yet he is still the same.


Nadine always gets me when she cries like this. Even during the time of OTWOL, when she cries, I can truly feel the depth of her emotion and she lets it all out like a flood. She doesn’t go to this level very often but when she does, the moments are always poignant.

While at first, I, like many other fans on Twitterverse felt that Iris moved on from her hurt too quickly, in comes a scene where Iris begins to question the extent of how much she is willing to help Ali. Her mini breakdown while sitting on a Mykonos sidewalk emphasized the fact that she was still a mess inside. It also highlighted her inner strength in hiding her pain in order to see her best friend happy and free.

My favorite — the confession scene, was beautifully executed. The dialogue was delivered by James, Nadine and JC so quickly and so fluidly that nobody missed a beat, dialogue wise and emotion wise. A master class in transition.

James’ shock and disbelief (at this point, he was the only one who didn’t know that Ali was gay and in love with Basti — how’s that for a double whammy?) was so genuine and effortless. Along with this well of emotions, his character had to deal with finding the courage to confess his own hopelessly in love feelings for Iris, who blamed him (again) for everything that has gone wrong in her and Ali’s relationship (not cool, girl!) James may have had shorter scenes tonight but he definitely made his mark.

At the end of that sequence, I felt like a ping pong ball since my feelings were also shifting so fast across the three characters. Sympathy for Basti’s confusion and helplessness, heartbreak for Iris’ plight and a frustration for freshly outed Ali, who is finding his footing as an LGBT in a very complicated circumstance.

All in all, this episode was a crash course in honesty, and how the truth will set you free. But its also a lesson in the value of a true friend, who would embrace you no matter who you are. Now that everything is out in the open, I’m not going to post any theories and just enjoy the ride. Deep inside though, I’m wishing for Ali to take a turn at being a good friend by giving Basti and Iris (who have been nothing but concerned about him this whole time) a chance at finding love and being happy. It is, after all, the right thing to do. I could definitely do with some (correction) a lot of BARIS moments. Ending? Script. Direction. Editing. All on point.

…this episode was a crash course in honesty, and how the truth will set you free. But its also a lesson in the value of a true friend, who would embrace you no matter who you are.


2 thoughts on “#TIMYTheConfession: The truth shall set you free

  1. What a great review of the episode. I was thoroughly enthralled with the “door scene”, watching these two best friends navigate their emotions amid new found realizations was so moving. Ali’s voice was enough to make us feel the emotions he had. As for Iris, Nadine Lustre has really created a character in her. There is no hint of Leah (OTWOL) in Iris, even the way she cried her silent tears, covering her mouth so as not to let the world hear her pain was subtle. I commend the great teamwork involved in creating her character, and Nadine for delivering it. And the way she laid down in defeat to her emotions by the door, listening as her best friend says he would wait was just the saddest. As for her seemingly too quick forgiveness, I leave that to the notion of friendship, history and unconditional love. As for Basti, it was all about timing…his 2 friends were just not ready, but who would be after the big reveal! Given time, even Iris’ inconsiderateness of Basti’s feelings will be unraveled.

    I look forward to your next review…I have your webpage in my favorites…

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