#TIMYTheAdmission: Finding the courage to be free

INTENSE. Basti, despite his feelings for Iris encourages his bro Ali to get back with her. No dice, bro. This guy’s in love with you. (screengrab ABS-CBN/Dreamscape)

Yesterday, I admitted that I wasn’t supposed to write a review until the week was over. However, I was compelled to because I was just so shocked by the speed of events. Today, I’m doing the same thing and I can’t help myself. I just have to.

While it was revealed during yesterday’s teaser (plus today’s episode title/HT) that Ali will come clean and make his true self known to Iris, the extent of that scene was just so emotionally charged that I find myself reeling until now. I now completely understand why Nadine and JC said that the Mykonos scene was the most challenging in their Greece shoot.

The episode starts out with Basti (fresh from discovering that he is in love with Iris) setting aside his own feelings and trying to patch things up between his two friends. He decides to take them on a trip to Mykonos where he, Ali and Iris end up helping out Basti’s other friend organize a wedding proposal. But what seemed like a cut and dried surprise turns out to be the catalyst that shatters Ali and Iris’ fragile romance and in the end, all is revealed in heartbreaking fashion.

To say that this episode was laced with tons of foreshadowing would be an understatement. From the very beginning, parallels were established and it seemed that Frick and Tessa’s experience mirrored that of the three friends. The internal struggle within the characters — Ali in reconciling with his true feelings; Basti trying to repress his newfound love for Iris, and Iris, who innocently believes that all is well, when in fact, it was she who was bound to be the biggest casualty of the night.

James, Nadine and JC all had their moments because this episode was so intense. While there were light montages that focused on fun and the beauty of Greece and friendship (darn it, even the heartbreaking scene was exquisitely framed), there was no question that this was going to be one of those memorable episodes and pivotal moments in the show that would leave a mark with its audience.

BLINDSIDED.Iris is shocked and hurt that the person she thought she knew has changed beyond recognition. For the record, Greece becomes you Naddie. You look gorgeous despite the tears. (screengrab/ ABS-CBN/Dreamscape)

The confrontation scene was astounding. JC’s technique as an actor was impeccable and Nadine, matched his intensity with fire of her own. I could feel their characters’ pain and disbelief, and the desperation to not hurt each other versus the need to be free. And James’ Basti, his sincerity and his earnestness in wanting his two friends to work things out despite his own hidden feelings for Iris — the way he tried to convince Ali not to hurt her, the longing in his voice. Wow.

The understated portrayals of these three really showcase their potential to reach the top of this industry one day. In that confrontation scene, they helped each other up. No one hogged the limelight and as a result, they all turned up excellent performances. Bravo. That’s teamwork among the actors and a genuine collaboration with the filmmakers that makes this show a gem of television.

All in all, there were tons of questions about who was in the right or who was in the wrong. But at the end of the day, audiences feel for the characters whom they have only known for less than two weeks.

That’s how successfully the show managed to get their viewers invested in the teleserye. Twitter was on fire especially after that teaser for tomorrow’s episode. And the engagement of the audience was off the roof.

And while in other scenarios, there would be tons of jokes cracked about Ali’s gender, the immediate flood of tweets were mostly empathy for Ali’s character and plight, which is unprecedented and speaks about the maturity of the show’s audience as well. And this, I believe is the mark of a good show.

Things are bound to get even more intense tomorrow, and I suspect, they may be moving back to Manila by next week (there was a hunt from Nestor). But darn it, the feels. Oh the feels. This show is shaping up to be epic. I’m not even kidding.

Walang tapon is the best description for this show. Even the teasers are off the hook. Even the BTS are worth watching. I’m still reeling from this episode, and then I realize I have to brace for the next one. Can I just fast forward to tomorrow evening already please?


One thought on “#TIMYTheAdmission: Finding the courage to be free

  1. what a revelation. I too could hardly digest the events. The show is too fast-paced,which enables me to keep my breath suspended to be slowly released with a sigh of contentment. I love the three characters. Direk Tonet you are a gem. Cong\rats.

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