This Week in JadineLand: #WelcomeBackTIMYJadine #HappyBirthdayTitaMy and more…

For the third week of This Week in JadineLand, we welcome back our OTP with a twitter party, a welcome back reunion with the fam and the squad.

But we’re going to change our format a bit for this week because there’s a ton of stuff going on for Till I Met You. Just so you don’t get confused.

But first let’s kick off our week with the return of Team Real, complete with Facebook Live feed from Dreamscape. Ginger Conejeros also did a short interview with the couple and their co star JC Santos upon arriving in NAIA where they shared the highlights of their three week shoot in Greece, experiencing the world famous sunset of Oia, the sights of Santorini, the breathtaking structures in Athens and of course beautiful Mykonos.

The entire JadineLand of course, wanted to make them feel the love. Top trending topic, natch!

Nadine and James were happy to be back of course, especially since their arrival date was also Nadine’s mom Tita My’s birthday. James and Lauren tagged along for the intimate family dinner with Nadine’s mom, dad, sibs and relatives from abroad.  Seeing them together and enjoying each other’s company naturally brought on the feels. Oh our Jadine hearts!

Of course, tons of new trailers to amp up our excitement for TIMY … (as if we needed more motivation to tune in) We are just about to burst with excitement.

There’s also Jadine World Day on August 28 to look forward to where they appear on ASAP and ASAP Chillout, a mall show in Trinoma Gardens and attend a first look premiere of TIMY. TIMY Merchandise like soundtracks, pillows shirts and hoodies will be available at the mall show.


ZOREN AND MINA ON JADINE. One of the best parts of the week for me was real life couple Carmina and Zoren’s guesting on Tonight with Boy Abunda where they praised Team Real for being professional and passionate about their work. More than the kilig, it makes me proud as a fan to hear how their co-workers appreciate the effort of these two to put their best work forward. Kudos James and Nadine.

AWARDS. Even as Team TIMY prepares to go on full gear, Team OTWOL wins big at the Pep Awards bagging the Best Primetetime Series for 2015. Thank you PEP!


ENDORSEMENTS. Team Real also got busy attending to their commitments, mostly separate shoots — Nadine for a new Burlington campaign (Naddie simply rocks her tan. She just glows. I hope she maintains this skin tone), James for SM Parisian, having dinner with five lucky winners of #ChillWithJames Parisian promo *sigh* (Don’t worry, tho. This is #NaddieApproved).

James was also launched as Grab ambassador this week.

Part of James’ interview at the Fujifilm launch. His answers make us feel like even though Naddie is not around, she is. Even after this clip, his answers were mainly my girlfriend, Nadine, my girlfriend, complete with lovesick grin. Ahhhh, love 😀

They also flew to Cagayan de Oro’s Centrio Mall for the Cherry Mobile Fans Day and are set to fly back immediately after for Jadine World Day. Such hard workers.

The first of the series of magazine covers that will feature Jadine covers

Yassdine for Candy BFF edition (September 2016)


Star Studio (September 2016)


Mega is also accepting pre orders for the Jadine Making Mega Greece cover shot by Mark Nicdao. They’re also doing separate covers for Nadine for Mega and James for Mega Man.

Cosmo is also slated to feature James on the cover. Not entirely sure though if its for September or October.

PS. James’ mom Tita Ella also celebrated her 50th birthday this week but photos are yet to surface. Hoping for a part 2 of that intimate family dinner 😀 Happy birthday Tita Ella!

So basically, that was one busy week for JadineLand, the fandom where fans are not allowed to even blink for fear of missing anything. (That’s how we roll). By the way, congrats to the entire Dolce Amore family and Lizquens for that beautiful finale. 😀

So basically, things to watch out for the upcoming week:

a) TIMY Premiere Week (starts August 29) after FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano
b) Making Mega Jadine cover September issue

We’ll definitely keep you posted on our twitter @teamdalandan  and

We’ll also appreciate if you subscribe to your blog. Again, thanks to all of those who posted photos and updates for this week.  Photo credit to all owners.




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