This Week in #JadineLand:#MakingMegaGreece, #TIMYFirstLook and more…

Welcome to the second week of This Week in JadineLand. This has been a really fun and eventful week and to tell you frankly, its been a really exciting so far, with the much awaited #MakingMegaGreece shoot featuring our loves finally happening.

The Mega team flew James and Nadine to Athens and Santorini with no less than Mark Nicdao behind the lens. Can you just imagine the level of creativity involved in this shoot? As we know, both James and Nadine are both artsy and creative themselves.

What a super chill shoot! Click image below to launch Mega’s gallery.


Like we said, too cool for words.

As promised, here’s your rundown for the week. Enjoy!

August 15: Day 1 in Athens. Shutterbugs James and Nadine are just as excited to shoot their own footage of Greece (one of their dream destinations) as they are to get dolled up for the shoot. What a way to celebrate the 29th Jadine Day, huh?

Great photos so far…

We’re sure James is excited to shoot the view… ehermmm… the view ? (of his girlfriend, maybe) At least we know where his priorities lie . 😀

August 16: Big day for Jadines who are eagerly awaiting Till I Met You as ABS-CBN and Dreamscape released the #TIMYFirstLook trailer within Ang Probinsyano. Twitter party resulted in the top spot nationwide. #BeastMode #NOCHILL dudes.

August 17: Save the date Jadines! August 28 is Jadine World Day. They’ll be appearing in ASAP, having a grand presscon, a mall show and the premiere. This was announced by Dreamscape rep Sir Eric John Salut.

PS: Oh, and these also came out today (photo courtesy of Mega Magazine, of course. thanks for sharing @cang_03_shadows):


Thank you Mega!

PPS. Mega also released the first part of thier BTS documentary of Making Mega in Greece through their @tv100ph app.

PPPS.Team TIMY also wrapped the shoot in Mykonos and headed off to Santorini.

August 18: Music video reveal but this time, with BTS

Revelation Day. James’ new bod is revealed in a fresh Century Tuna campaign! #NoBodyLikeJames yo!

Poster Reveal of Till I Met You

August 19: As if the #TIMYFirst Look hasn’t yet killed us with excitement, ABS-CBN and Dreamscape unloaded a four-minute full trailer to further tease us about the soap.

PS. There’s also the SonyXBass campaign featuring our baby girl, Nadine.

So, basically, that was what you missed this week in JadineLand. What to watch out for:

a) September: magazine covers from Mega (3 in total) one Mega solo cover for Nadine, one solo cover for James and one with them together, Star Studio Magazine, Candy featuring Yassi and Nadine, and possibly one Cosmo.
b) upcoming campaigns for Cherry and Cornetto yet to be unveiled
c) Jadine World Day on August 28.
d) Till I Met You premiere on August 29. lets smash those ratings records Jadines!!!

So that’s it for the week. Thanks for reading and thank you to all our sources for the news and photos posted for this update.

Have a great weekend loves!

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