This Week in JadineLand: #TIMYinGreece, #OTWOLAnniv and more

Since we’re already maintaining an Instagram account, we figured we may as well compile all the things that have happened (because there’s so much that happens even in one day in this fandom its hard to keep up) this week to help our fellow Jadines catch up on the “ganap.”

August 6: Bench officially welcomes James and Nadine to the family by holding a fan event at the Mall of Asia Music Hall where the best LT in the world performed for the best fans in the world and lit up the stage in Bench apparel.


August 8: Lovebirds record their version of the Til I Met You theme song and have a pictorial before flying off to Greece in the evening. Such hard workers, our OTP!

PS Direk Tonette teases us with a first look at the location.

August 9: Straight from the airport, they’re ready to shoot. We refrain from posting too much BTS photos to keep suspense alive among TIMY fans.


PS Of course, during the downtimes, this couple does their own thing. Tandem biking Greek style everybody. Is that cute or is that cute?

PPS And because we’re the best fans in the world, we have Jadines in every corner right? Jadines in Greece everybody!

August 10: Who can forget the first time we were introduced to Clark and Leah? Most definitely the only teleserye that celebrates an anniversary. And what better way to reminisce than to interact with other fans, have a twitter party about your favorite OTWOL quotes and #Unboxing TIMY with a new webpage, a new trailer and a tease of Kyla’s MTV directed by Direk Andoy Ranay. Thank you, ABS-CBN and Dreamscape!

August 11: Happy 6th Monthsary loves!

August 11-13: Taping, taping, taping which for us means BTS BTS and more BTS


August 12: Sony teases new brand ambassadress. Can you guess who it is?

 PS. New billboard in EDSA teases a smile familiar to us all. Do we really need a hint, Jadines?

PPS. ABS-CBN’s NoInk App releases a short clip of Jadine playing Maybe, Almost and Always. Their answers and their smiles are so cute. Stay happy, you two.


IN BETWEEN: In between the official schedules, are BTS clips of soon to be released campaigns from Cherry Mobile, Cornetto and Star Studio Magazine. Sometimes, it gets a tad confusing because of all the blessings, but like we said in one of our posts, whatever success and happiness these two have right now, they deserve because they work hard for their family and for their fans, are passionate about their craft and continue to learn and grow as artists with each project. These two? They don’t rest on their laurels and they push themselves hard to make it to the top. This, their excellent work ethic, humility and honesty is what really draws fans/ endorsers to them.

Bash them all you want but at the end of the day, like Robi Domingo said, they will work hard in silence and let their success make the noise.

That’s it for now, til next week Jadines!

PS: Thanks to all the fan sites who shared these photos and to all the photo owners too.

PPS. Follow us on Instagram and twitter @teamdalandan for updates. Thanks!!!


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