Break na ba sila? And other thoughts that ruin fangirling

teamrealI love this fandom. I really do, but sometimes I believe this fandom is bipolar.

Why you say?  As I run through the posts, both candid and behind the scenes, I have almost never come across a thread that doesn’t contain questions about the relationship of James and Nadine.

Here are the top 10 (there could be more)

  1. Break na ba sila?
  2. Are they okay?
  3. Bakit di sila magkasama?
  4. Sino yung kasama ni James? Undin ba?
  5. Nadine being shipped to other guys
  6. Magkaaway ba sila?
  7. Sa palagay ko kasi James is… and Nadine is… kaya ganun
  8. Sila ba talaga in real life? Baka promo lang
  9. Ganyan naman si James, mahilig gumimik — tignan mo maghihiwalay din yan
  10. Random bashing of the exes

To their credit, I should commend James and Nadine for taking these comments in stride. I  would believe that it gets tedious to hear people waiting on the fringes for their relationship to end, and sometimes, even tagging them in their theories.

I think its because their fans genuinely love James and Nadine and feel a strong affinity to them, causing them to be overly concerned about their personal lives. Sometimes its a good thing because they have a lot of well wishers on their corner but people, as fans, let us remember that we do not ave any say in their relationship because they entered into it because they love each other, not because they want to give us a show.

They have been exceedingly generous in sharing with us a part of their lives and a part of their journey but please, let us not start rumors based on our personal take on what should happen to them or how they should behave.

In one interview, a reporter asked James if he has changed because of Nadine and he said simply: “Nadine doesn’t try to change me. She loves me just the way I am. Nadine is the same way.”

Observe how, even when they are together in their squad outings that they are usually found separately, hanging out with other parts of their squad. Its because Nadine gives him space to enjoy the company of his friends and vice versa — not because they are only together “for show.” She has also publicly stated that she trusts her boyfriend 110 percent and he trusts her with all his heart. So what’s the problem?

If they are sweet away from the eyes of the public, give them their space. Not everything should be posted on social media.

And this is why I commend fans who try to give them that by not posting all of their caught on cam sweet moments and instead just relying on fan accounts of what happened. Its still OJD but with respect for their privacy. This is not to say that the occassional paparazzi shot is not appreciated (sorry James and Nadine but we do need OJD).

So fans, as a rule of thumb, lets not be overly paranoid and jump to conclusions everytime there’s a snap of them not holding hands or looking at their phones or not smiling. Every healthy relationship needs both individuals to grow together as well as separately. They are not robots. They are people and what you see on social media is only a very small fraction of what happens in their daily lives. Being a good fan doesn’t mean you should feel like an authority over reading the meaning in their posts. Rest easy and enjoy the fangirling experience, don’t stress yourself out too much or else its gonna be your loss in the end.


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