How 2 B U po? Things you’ll learn from James and Nadine in #TeamReal

teamrealSeveral days ago, I posted a spoiler free review about Ms. Irish Dizon’s Team Real: Your all access pass to James Reid and Nadine Lustre’s World (Thanks to all the readers who read and retweeted the link).

While many of you will expect and anticipate how their love story unfolded (it takes only a small portion of the book, but totally worth it, btw), you would do well to understand the actual goal of the book, which is to introduce James and Nadine to the readers and to the fans — as people, not celebrities. Hopefully, by its end, readers will get to know them as individuals and as the power couple that they are. Here are just some of our favorite discoveries about these two dynamos — we’re doing it in general because its so much more fun when you read the words that came straight from their mouths.

On Money. While James and Nadine understand that money is important, you would be glad to know that your OTP doesn’t think that being loaded is the end all and be all of everything. They think that building relationships, friendships, making time for their families, being happy — those are the things that matter. In previous interviews, they have repeatedly mentioned how their families are important to them, you will find that out here.

Note: There was one line in Nadine’s section that almost made me cry.

On Beauty. James and Nadine are not particularly vain and have very little requirements for their looks. They like working with people who are familiar with their style  M Barretto for James and Joanna Garcia for Nadine. Same with their glam team — Jelly Eugenio and Paul Nebres for Nads and Mac Igarta for James. Nadine likes to experiment more and just like you, she is not immune to being tiis ganda in order to be fasyon. Again, take a page from Nadine’s outlook on beauty, ladies. You would definitely admire this lionhearted lady.

On Travel. Both James and Nadine love to take photos and videos of their travels. And both are superb artists. They should totally come out with a Travel Diary type coffee table book next time that shares anecdotes about their travels. What say you @IrishDDizon? Kudos @merlitopabatao for trying to include as many of these superb photos as possible given the limitations of the space. My particular favorites were James’ shots of Nadine at the Jardin du Luxembourg, Notre Dame, and the St. Peter’s Basilica. On point.

On Love. Yes, this is your most awaited section! Aside from revelations galore like what they actually fought about at the Wang Fam premiere, you’ll get to understand their mindset during the time that they were going through their journey and how fame has taken its toll on these two strong individuals, together and apart.

On their Team. And they love their RMs and their entire team. They’re like family. You’ll also get to know them through the eyes of people who actually know them and the fierceness in which they state their position on what type of people are IRL will blow you away.

So what did we learn about James and Nadine in this tell all? James is honest to a fault. A guy with substance, a smart, take no bullshit type of guy who loves absolutely and deeply. Nadine is a gamechanger, an independent chick and an all around badass. Like James, she loves deeply and expects nothing in return. These people, they openly share who they are with their fans without artifice because that’s how they roll.

While they do not share everything (of course they have to leave something for themselves), fans will be glad to know them as James and Nadine, as a brother, as a sister, a son, a daughter, a friend, an actor, an artist, as partners in crime and as partners in life. The way they casually mention each other in their separate interviews was some of my favorite parts of the book because it was so casual and natural.

So how do you become just like James and Nadine? You don’t. You just take a page from their book and learn from them. By getting to know them, you’ll admire them even more. Promise.

Have fun reading guys, I’m sure you’ll like them, and I’m sure you’ll want to stay (in this fandom).



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