12 Reasons why the LNT Show was LIIIITTT!!! (and why it needs to be a regular)

lntSo I only got to watch the full length of the LNT Show last night. LNT stands for Lauren (Reid), Nadine (Lustre) and Trish (Ramos), who just got a kick out of streaming a live Facebook feed while hanging out in Lauren’s house, eating pasta, drinking wine, making jokes. By the end of the show, they had thousands of viewers, had a trending hashtag, earned thousands of new fans that became familiar with the term “Smash is Life,” “LIIIITTT” and “James got yo’ back.”

Seriously, these three girls were so awesome. Sure, they had to figure out the technicals. It was after all, an out of the blue streaming show and they were using tissue paper as a stand for their cellphone, but they were so cute and so fun to watch. I was grinning the entire time the show was on. Lauren was so witty. She really moved well and had the cutest accent. Trish was hilarious especially when she was cracking corny jokes. Nadine was eating the entire time. LOL

These were some of our favorite things we learned from the web show, just to give you an idea of why it needs to be a regular thing.

  1. Lauren is a health buff. Yup, she has that great physique because she spends up to six hours in the gym just because she enjoys being fit. She eats healthy and cooks for her brothers all the time. Plus, she’s allergic to raw chicken which makes her skin break out. She still handles them all the time because her family is crazy about chicken — that’s love for you.
  2. Trish just graduated from college. The LNT show aired a day before her graduation day from De La Salle. She is an Organizational Communications major. Congrats Trish!
  3. Despite this however, she is really bad at giving swag names. After sharing Lauren’s cool rapper name (Lotswana?) Trish shared her swag name T-Ram (because she’s Trish Ramos). Her bestie Kiana Valenciano immediately texted her to tease her about how bad her swag name was. She attempted to give Nadine her own so she doesn’t feel left out but it sounded more like a porn star name than a swag name.. FAIL! LOL!
  4. The girls are big fans of Bretman Rock. While doing the show, a fan suggested that they use the #AskLNT to field questions from their viewers. They found out that Bretman Rock was watching them and tweeting them and they just went nuts. These girls, they’re just like us when they fangirl. They’re just prettier, much much prettier 😀
  5. Lauren’s playlist was LIIT. One of the reasons why the show was so much fun was Lauren’s playlist on the background. Some of the songs I didn’t know but they were really really good. Very upbeat.
  6. The Reid family has posters of James all over their kitchen. Sure, its a weird place to have posters as far back as James’ PBB days but this family is super duper proud of James so…
  7. Nadine never stops eating. See, I’ve noticed in a lot of online videos that Nadine loves to eat and this time was no different. She said she was very conscious eating in front of viewers but she was eating the entire time, even way after Trish and Lauren were done with their pasta and she looked so cute doing it. Lauren was saying at the beginning of the show that there were people who did web shows that earned a lot just by eating. I don’t doubt that there are people out there who would pay to see these girls eat, and laugh, and generally just be themselves.
  8. Nadine has very bad eyesight. She had to squint a couple of times to see the monitor but couldn’t see a thing.
  9. They love teasing each other. At some point, it felt like watching a sleepover because Nadine, Trish and Lauren were cracking so much jokes and sharing so much stories that it felt like we were part of their squad.
  10. Lauren speaking Tagalog. Lauren is adorable. When she speaks Tagalog in her Australian accent, its just so cute, I couldn’t. Mahal Kita, Bebekow, Tomoh!  — it all sounds so much more interesting when she says it.
  11. Nadine’s traffic report. One thing I noticed about Nadine when she tells stories, it always has to be from the beginning. From the time they landed until she fell asleep. Driving from Quezon City to Makati. Thus the traffic report. Who needs Wayze, right?
  12. They love watching funny videos. They even shared the link to the Dubai was LIIIT video which apparently was the source of all the hilarity during the JadineHighOnLove Tour — Nadine and Lauren almost has the entire thing memorized.


Jack. I love how Lauren obviously looks after her baby bro, and their dynamics is really sweet. I love the Reids. Period. No Erase.

The LNT Show needs to be a regular thing, seriously. The world needs good vibes from these three.

If you want to see the entire thing, go to Lauren’s lauren reid’s facebook page.


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