Why people love Nadine Lustre


OTWOL_Finale-9509 BEST ADVICE. Find your own bliss and leave them to theirs.

I don’t usually post non reviews on this blog but this morning, I knew I just had to when I checked my Instagram to find tons of Jadine fans up in arms over an article posted on Preen Online entitled “How to be Nadine Lustre.”

From what I’ve read, the article basically assassinated Nadine’s character and summarized her whole mission in life to be bagging her hot partner in crime James Reid. Well, Preen already apologized and took down the article from its website so maybe I’m just crying over spilt milk here. Still, I just had to say my piece because the article (I won’t mention the name of the writer so as not to contribute to her infamy) was dripping with so much malice I’m truly surprised it was even approved for publication.

If I remember correctly one of the lessons…

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