This Time: Movie Review

this_time_movie_posterBeing JaDine fans, my squad and I already locked down the date to watch this movie long before Viva Films finalized the release date. We already planned to watch the film on its first weekend out but eventually, our excitement got the best of us and we settled on seeing it on opening day instead. It was a decision well rewarded because I must say, straight off the bat, that this is by far the best JaDine movie I’ve seen yet.

Coby (James Reid), the grandson of an ambassador, and Ava (Nadine Lustre), the daughter of a family that runs a funeral parlor, meet as children one summer and instantly form a connection that propels their special friendship for the next ten summers whenever Coby would return home with his granddad after a diplomatic stint. They are obviously in love with each other but stop short of putting a label on their relationship because they spend most of the year apart anyway. But as they grow up and their feelings grow deeper, Ava starts to wonder about the wisdom of holding out for Coby, her special friend whose intent to help his grandfather find his long lost love, makes it uncertain on when he will even return. Is it really that important to define the relationship or are labels nit important for two hearts that love?

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