Nadine on FHM: She’s sexy and you know it

NO SKIN, NO PROBLEM. Nadine’s spread on BJ Pascual’s PUSH photography book  delivered in flatlay, Nadine’s signature style on her IG feed. Sexy and classy is possible huh? (photo from @nadzlustre )

A few days ago, while James and Nadine were still in Canada for their High on Love tour, FHM Philippines shared the results of its partial poll for their 2016 sexiest list. Everyone was shocked to see Nadine Lustre at the top of the list overtaking even last year’s reigning queen Jennylyn Mercado and another Kapamilya star, Jessy Mendiola.

After the initial shock  (Nadine was only on the 49th spot last year), fans immediately came to her defense especially after a slew of bashers criticized Nadine for not being sexy enough to top the list.

Fans immediately challenged and justified the definition of sexy and the standards set by society to categorize a man or woman under the term. The internet blew up even more when James tweeted a screencap of the partial list along with an all caps HOY! Who is responsible for this?? complete with angry face emoji. He further posted under the same thread Jadines, I thought we were on the same team?

Now, whatever context James had for that tweet, only he (and Nadine) know. Whether it was in jest or if he was genuinely worried that the world would ogle his girl should she pose for a men’s magazine would only be answered when the couple returns from their world tour.

Still, the tweet divided fans about whether they should still continue to vote for Nadine. Out of respect for James, some fans said they would not vote for the remainder of the polls but there are those who are adamant about how Nadine deserves the title and what her win would bring to change society’s perception of sexiness. While I totally get why James would want to protect Nadine (she hasn’t even officially gotten the title yet and she’s already being criticized, sheesh), I’m happy that people are actually having conversations about the concept of beauty and sexiness and a lot of people are now looking not just at the superficial but the entire package. I’m happy that they’re appreciating Nadine more now because she does deserve to be admired.

Now, here’s what I don’t get. I don’t get why people are bashing Nadine for making it to the top of the list. Sure, she is not the typical girl who would grace the cover of a men’s magazine. She has a sweet and wholesome image too, but not so much so that she would be considered a teenybopper.

For the record, Nadine never asked to be included in the list in the first place. During the early stages of voting, FHM’s Instagram posted pics of the possible candidates and I was laughing so hard because while the other girls were wearing skimpy two pieces, they used an image of Nadine from her Preview shoot, in three layers of Tommy Hillfiger — an outfit that she rocked under the heat of the scorching sun. Yet, people thought she deserved a spot.

Nadine never lifted a finger to campaign for herself. She never posted any provocative picture of herself on any of her social media accounts. Heck, she was the only girl in James’ birthday party to sport a one piece bathing suit and jean shorts. So I really don’t get why her figure is being compared to the other girls, and making her the loser because she doesn’t sport D cups or have JLo’s butt.

If anything, she even said in a recent interview that she doesn’t want to do a men’s magazine cover, which James, the conservative boyfriend (who wouldn’t thought, right?) wholeheartedly supported with his own statement “For me, personally, no way.”

At the end of the day, there’s really no need to justify that Nadine is sexy because she just is. And I really don’t understand how people can label her as plain or average. This girl has fire in her veins. She is kind and beautiful and you can’t fake that. She is smart and confident, sassy when she needs to be but quiet when she feels like it. She’s uber talented — can act, sing and rock the dance floor with her badass dance moves. She’s creative and passionate about her art. She’s not a prude when it comes to clothing. Her fashion sense allows her to show off her assets (Dude, her legs and her arms are to die for!) but never has she dressed to be seductive or sensual, only stylish and edgy. More than anything, Nadine is more than the sum of her legs, her arms, her butt, her bust — she is so much more, and I think FHM could benefit from what this girl can bring to the table.

Nadine is a game changer for a reason. She sets the tone, she never follows. I am confident that whether she becomes FHM’s sexiest of 2016 or not, she will change people’s perspective about being sexy. She has a good head on her shoulders and she knows her limits but I know that when the time comes, she will surprise us all and pull the rug out from under us.

My advice to FHM, just follow her lead. Let her set the pace. Tap into her artistry. You’ll never know what hit you but one thing’s for sure, your men’s magazine will never be the same again after this.


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