Beauty and the Bestie: Movie Review


LOOK-The-official-movie-poster-of-Beauty-and-the-BestieBeing a Jadine fan, I’ve been waiting to watch Beauty and the Bestie since my OTP was announced as part of the movie. It didn’t hurt that I liked Coco Martin and Vice Ganda as well. However, I knew that the combined powers of these four would mean long lines at the cinema on the first day so I waited for Day 3 before finally catching the first screening of the movie. My strategy paid off, and I was not disappointed by the laughs delivered by this Wenn Deramas flick.

Emman (Coco Martin) and Eric (Vice Ganda) used to be best friends until they parted ways bitterly when Emman finds out that his bestie has secret feelings for him. He pursues a life as a super secret agent while Eric continues his father’s legacy to become a small time photographer, making ends meet for his sister Abi (Nadine Lustre) and…

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